15 Toughest Behavioral Interview Questions

January 19, 2017

Congratulations!  You have passed through the initial line of scanning and managed to get to the stage of the interview with your potential employer. In this ever changing and complicating environment of technological advancement and social media networks, the innovations did not leave the interviewing techniques behind the scene. Ready to evolve? Get ready for what is termed as a behavior interview which is growing in popularity these days; it allows corporations a glimpse of how the potential employee might handle the issues at hand.

Don’t be surprised to discover that behavioral interview questions might appear the hardest questions to answer.  You are expected to reexamine your work experience and bring to the top the most meaningful bits and pieces of information that are relevant to the position you pursue. Moreover, you are supposed to describe how you handle a particular situation and demonstrate your constructive approaches and outstanding professional skills. You are also required to communicate your story in simple terms so that the interviewer could understand who-what-why was involved and how you managed to succeed.

See our carefully crafted techniques to devise best answers for interview questions. Some of the best answers to the toughest interview questions allow you to show your sense of humor and also demonstrate the constructive approaches to overcoming problems.

What do you think your weaknesses are?

  • Possible answer: I cannot do without coffee and my girlfriend.
  • Possible answer: I prefer handling one thing at a time, but to do it properly.

What do you think your strengths are?

  • Possible answer: I am a team player and can learn new information and skills fast.
  • Possible answer: I am good at playing basketball and can hit the targets, such as throw the wastepaper into the trash bin.

Do you think you have achieved anything?

  • Possible answer: I surely had my ups and downs, but there were more ups than downfalls. Moreover, I keep moving even though I might have failed.
  • Possible answer: Yes, besides the appraisals, I have acquired friends and learned to work in a team.

Why do you think I should hire you?

  • Possible answer: If you enroll me for the position, I will be able to utilize my best skills to attain the company’s goals as this is the job I aspire to have/ the company of my dream.
  • Possible answer: Well, you have announced the vacancy, why should not I succeed?

What do you think about your management style?

  • Possible answer: I look for long-term rather than short-term solutions and ready for compromise decisions that provide basis for future collaboration.
  • Possible answer: I am a supporter of strong communication that fosters information and knowledge flow between supervisors and subordinates.

Remember to emphasize your problem-solving experience, adaptability, teamwork and communication skills, as well as creativity and initiative. Although it is impossible to predict all peculiarities which may arise at the interview, the most important point is maintaining your interview confidence. Try to bring out your personality traits in the format that is appealing for the company and matches company’s goals and expectations.

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