5 Hints To Make A Kick Ass Resume

January 10, 2017

If five different people take a look at your resume, you will get five different perspectives concerning what should or shouldn’t be written there. However, they will all probably agree on some points listed below about the guiding principles that will let you succeed.

Be down-to-the-point

Do you know how to create the best resume and how you can stand out from the crowd? Be to the point! Try to imagine the situation: you have five years of experience in the marketing, and you are interested in the position of a business development manager. These two positions do not match perfectly, yet if you manage to explain in a summary statement how such transition is possible, you can achieve your main goal which is an invitation to an interview. In fact, there are no rigid rules when it comes to the resume content: all that matters is to get the job you aspire to have.

Keep your resume as brief as possible

The latest trends in resume writing prompt you to keep your presentation as brief as possible. Avoid vague statements and do not waste your and other people’s time on the irrelevant information. Remember, a hiring manager spends about 30 seconds to browse through your resume. It should, therefore, be filled with the content relevant to the position you pursue and should not exceed 1-2 pages.

Try to present yourself as a distinctive brand

Try to introduce your personality as a distinguishing brand. Your career summary is a vehicle to communicate your unique features to the potential employer who is searching for a suitable candidate in this age of “perfect information”. It could be a sentence, a logo, a word or a combination of these components that will help you to distinguish yourself from the competitors.

Include the keywords in-line with the job position

You will do yourself a favor if you incorporate a couple of key words that match your profile to the position you are seeking to achieve. They can equally be introduced in the attention grabbing cover letter. Such signal words and phrases will add value to your resume by making it available for people who look for the candidates using search engines on the Internet. If your resume does not contain the keywords, it is unlikely to pass through the initial screening and may end up in the trash pile.

Use only the relevant content

The last but not the least: mention the most relevant skills and duties which will set your profile on the track of the job you are applying for. The point is that you need to demonstrate you possess the key skills required for the position or job opportunity, and resumes that get noticed usually have the “perfect match” profile. On a similar note, make active statements and do not be too modest about your accomplishments.

Be positive about yourself, make your resume convincing and appealing, show that you can learn and be the part of the team!

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