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5 Things Wildly Successful Women Do at Work

July 31, 2017

Every new year holds the hope for a new beginning. Luckily, in the modern digital age, there are many ways that you can use to increase your creativity, productivity, physical and mental wellness and, finally, reach your goals.  

To ensure your success in 2017, we have researched the lifestyles and way of thinking of the most successful female entrepreneurs and have created a list of top 5 most valuable pieces of wisdom that you should incorporate into your routine to make yourself successful.

Stop multitasking.

There are people, who think that multitasking increases productivity, it’s time to make a bold statement – these people are wrong. Giving the outmost attention to one task makes you much more productive. According to the study conducted by Stanford University in 2009, multitasking on the computer makes you less productive. People, who engage in multitasking, have reduced attention and aren’t able to control their memory in a decent way compared to those who prefer to focus on one task. So, in case you’re practicing multitasking, it’s time to stop doing this.

Leave work emails at work

Being “always on” is fun, to some extent, but it can have some dire effects on our mental health and stress levels. Everyone needs some time to relax, and when you mix up work and recreation, you ignore the needs of your physical and mental body. The study conducted by  Lehigh University showed that checking emails can lead to an emotional burnout. Better just remove your work e-mails from your phone altogether. The Way of Life app can assist you in eliminating your bad habits.

Consider waking up earlier 

Let’s look at those who wake up early – Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, Michelle Obama, the former first lady, Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, and many more. These people wake up between 3 a.m. and 7 a.m. and most of them meditate, work out, read the news, respond to emails, and eat a healthy breakfast while most of the people are seeping. Having 3-5 extra hours can add a lot to your productivity. 

Let go of perfection 

Although we are told that perfection is unattainable, many of us are bombarded with the opposite signals, which make us chase that unattainable perfection. In fact, obsession with perfection may turn your life into a nightmare. Don’t wait for perfect circumstances because they will never happen. Make the best use of each moment. That’s the most reasonable way to live a life.


That’s one of the most powerful tools that you can use to reach success. A great number of successful people visualized their success long before they have actually achieved it. Make visualization a habit and practice it for at least 10 minutes on a daily basis. Allow yourself to paint the most extraordinary pictures of your success, and you will notice that slowly these pictures start becoming your reality.

Take your life into your hands, and make 2017 a great one! 

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