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How Not To Ruin A First Impression Before Job Interview

October 11, 2017

Making a great first impression is related to a genuine art of manners. This task becomes even more complicated when it comes to your job interview. The most common mistake is to think that this impression starts the moment you encounter your hiring manager face to face. In reality, your little trial begins at a time when you arrive at the property. Your potential recruiter would be curious to find out about your behavior in the waiting room. He/she would ask the receptionist and other employees about your manners. Are you already scared? Don’t worry, you can cope with it!

Never Be Late, But Also Never Arrive Too Early

The most awful scenario is to show up late for the job interview. Yes, we know that tardiness is often a problem of the highly creative people, who, despite being late, impress everyone with their knowledge. However, the first job interview is an extremely responsible event if you, of course, want to obtain a compelling job offer. Hence, try to leave early enough, considering the possibility of traffic jams or anything else that could lead to the unpleasant impediments.

On the other hand, you also shouldn’t show up too early to stay at the reception for hours, staring at the wall and waiting for the hiring manager. It would just look quite awkward, bearing pressure upon your interviewers because their busy schedule would be likely affected. If you arrive early, it’s good to spend some time in a local café to relax and look through your resume, as well as probable interview questions.

Switch Your Smartphone Off

When waiting for the invitation to start this highly anticipated job interview, avoid reading Facebook news or even a digital version of your favorite book. Such distractions would only harm. You should be focused only on your future interview. Hence, turn your smartphone off in order for it not to interrupt the conversation with your prospective employers.

Show Respect for the Receptionist

It’s wrong to think that your task is to impress only the hiring manager. Anyone who notices you before the job interview would influence the decision of the employer, that is either an approval or a rejection of your candidature. Thus, you should be polite to anyone you come in contact with at the company. Pay attention when communicating with the receptionists because your potential recruiters would often ask about their first impression of every applicant. Your impolite behavior, arrogance or indifference in the waiting room won’t do you any favor even if you greet the hiring manager with a beautiful smile.

Now, you must have realized that making a good first impression is not a tricky task for an organized, responsible and well-mannered person. We wish you every success! 

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