Acing the Interview: Effective Tips

December 6, 2016

I am wondering if there are recent studies that connect introversion and job interviews. I am pretty sure that this issue is quite topical because there are millions of people with such a temperament, and they need to get some effective advice on how to pass any interview successfully. You will be truly surprised to learn how many jobs for introverts are available.

Having many years of experience, I can admit that in stressful situations, the extrovert would have an advantage over the introvert because he/she can present him/herself better.

Job Hunter

Indeed, Job Hunter is right to some extent because, in certain situations, the extroverts are at an advantage in the job interviews since they are not afraid to present themselves from the best sides. Extroverts are really good at selling themselves; thus, usually, they pass the job interview successfully. However, the statistics say that not all of them can apply their best skills in the workplace, while the introverts are very determined and diligent and can achieve the desired goal at the highest level. Of course, not all job hunters or hiring managers take this into account conducting an interview. However, without any doubts, this factor should be considered during the decision-making. As such, we can only guess why the researchers consider the extroverts and introverts as the two groups that stand on the different ends of the social hierarchy. These statuses can be criticized, but the question remains: Why do the introverts experience so many difficulties passing an ordinary job interview? If you are an introvert, don’t fall into despair and do your best to prepare for the interview. Follow our interview successful tips and reach the cherished dream!

  • Show that you are a good performer. Of course, the hiring managers appreciate initiative people, so you have to demonstrate both your ability to improvise and follow the orders.
  • Tell the interviewer that you are ready for constant learning. Indeed, the interviewers will take this factor into account because they need people who are not afraid to get the new information and keep abreast of all the up-to-date novelties.
  • Use your introvert strengths and be calm and balanced. Your answers should be short and laconic. However, be sure to mention that you are a very determined and goal-oriented person.
  • Being an introvert, you are a great listener, so use this skill! Show that you are more comfortable when listening, not talking. Before the interview, learn everything you can find about the company to be able to talk about its strengths and weaknesses.

Obviously, an introvert should apply much more efforts than an extrovert to pass a job interview. Sometimes, he/she needs a push beyond his/her comfort zone and become another person for a while. Remember that fortune favors the brave! Be courageous, and the life will reward you with various introvert jobs!

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