Administrative Assistant Job Description

September 19, 2018

According to the administrative assistant job description, the list of administrative assistant duties entails being responsible for launching and coordination of daily administrative activities of a company or an organization. As a rule, administrative assistant job description pinpoints to the significance of communication and organizational skills as well as the ability to juggle several tasks at once. Admin assistant should also possess such soft skills as professionalism, excellent time-management, and diligent approach to work.

What Administrative Work Entails

If you like the sound of “beep boop” against the keyboard, then the administrative position is definitely your dream job. When working in the administrative field, you can cooperate in medical and legal offices, hospital setting, governmental agencies, corporate setting, and schools among others.
Mainly, administrative assistant career requires you to organize others’ work schedule by taking messages, replying and sending emails on others’ behalf, and coordinating appointments. You might most probably be involved in such activities if you are a secretary or a worker at the reception. Among the other responsibilities you might be involved into are the following: delivering mails, answering phone calls, copying messages, typing text, and others. Such positions refer more to the entry-level type, so they do not require much experience.
As in many other office positions, you will spend much time typing information sitting in front of computer screen. So, if you are worried about your health, particularly your spine and eyesight, this job will not definitely be good for you as you will mainly spend your working day sitting and staring at the computer. Besides, to be a successful and effective secretary, receptionist or an administrative assistant, you will need to have an eye for detail and have high levels of concentration. If you are easily distracted by gadgets and the Internet, make sure you put them on offline mode.

Administrative Assistant Requirements for Education and Training

Basic office skills, GED, a high school diploma or some training certificate are necessary for being enrolled on an entry-level position. According to administrative assistant job description, potential candidates should undergo special training that may last from one to two years. Mainly, such trainings are required for applicants to obtain some practical and theoretical administrative assistant skills as well as to gain some invaluable administrative experience.
Executive secretaries’ employers tend to search for applicants who hold college degrees. The reason is simple and clear: many of these secretaries closely collaborate with high-level executives, so it is necessary to hire professional people on a team. The presence of the certificate or diploma is a must.

Administrative Assistant Salary Rates

The average salary rate for an administrative assistant in the USA equals $41,045.

Career Path

There is no consistent process of moving up the career ladder for an administrative assistant. The only career prospect is to move to a higher position with more responsibilities and slightly higher salary. People who do their best to learn something new or involve themselves into training are likely to be promoted to senior positions or managerial roles. Apart from that, they might be engaged in group work and manage teams.

The Future of Administrative Assistants

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), career prospects for secretaries are growing in medium speed. Such fast-developing spheres as social services and health care require the support of administrative roles for ensuring proper growth. Apart from that, the ongoing increase in automation and technology will lead to better effectiveness of admin assistants.

Main Skills and Competencies of Administrative Assistants:

  • Administrative writing skills;
  • Reporting skills;
  • Analytical skills;
  • Computer literacy (especially MS Office);
  • Attention to detail;
  • Professional and diligent approach to work;
  • Fast decision-making and problem-solving ability;
  • Inventory control;
  • Management supply;
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills;
  • Typing skills;
  • Ability to juggle several tasks at once;
  • Telephone speaking skills;
  • Ability to work in a team.
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