Bad Body Language Habits

May 1, 2017

You’ve probably heard that actions speak louder than words. While some people think that this phrase is overused, its message is true. If you’re saying one thing but your body tells something completely opposite, most probably people won’t trust you.

While you try to speak your mind, your body can constantly send unconscious signals to those who surround you. This is why it is very essential to control that your body sends the very same message that your mouth does.

The Business Insider Magazine has published a list of the body language habits that should be avoided, because they turn into a considerable obstacle in building a healthy and effective communication.

We have selected the top three most harmful behaviors.

You should always remember these undesirable body language habits the next time you engage into a conversation with anyone. Avoiding these bad signals of your body will greatly assist you in increasing your likability, improving your communication skills, and proving your point in a profound manner. 

Appearing distracted

Such things as yawning, looking at your watch or checking your phone during a conversion, especially in a business setting, are taken as a sign of great disrespect and rude behavior. Regardless of what you think about it, making the above listed things or following any other distractions will make you look as if you didn’t care about what your interlocutors are talking about. To get a better idea of this point, imagine that you’re trying to convey something very important to your spouse, but he or she is more interested in their nails rather than in what you are saying. Would you feel comfortable in such a situation? No one would.


It is a thing that your body does when you’re nervous and most probably you aren’t even aware of it. What to do? Why not try meditation in order to become aware of your body whether you’re sitting, standing, walking or lying down. If you notice that in certain situations, your body starts to show such signs of anxiety as constantly shifting from side to side, adjusting your clothes, scratching your body or tapping your foot, you should stop doing this right away. Tonya Reiman, a leading body language expert, states that these signs are telling the world a very clear message about you – you lack power.

Adopting a defensive pose

This point is aimed at reminding you once again that crossing your arms when speaking with someone is a bad idea, because it tells that you don’t like what other people are saying. However, it’s not the only possible defensive pose. Other defensive poses include turning your body away from the interlocutor, failing to show your hands, or avoiding eye contact. Just like with fidgeting – once you have noticed that you’re standing in a defensive pose, change it right away.

Working on adjusting your body language takes time, but it’s totally worth it.


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