Barista Job Description

September 24, 2018

Have you ever thought about how many barista duties are there apart from the drink serving one? Their job is also to keep the area neat, take care of the equipment and interior elements and think of the available means and ways to promote the shop’s efficiency and hospitability.
This profession requires people to be sociable and easy to get on with so that they could pleasantly enumerate or advise on the menu items. A person holding the barista position has to be a reliable team player as well as to possess strong individual traits to conduct the work on their own. One more advantage for someone who’s decided to take up this job is a tenacious memory which will allow keeping all the necessary information as regards working process, in particular, beverage preparation, in mind.

Barista job description and duties:

  • Receive visitors to the café, anticipate their preferences and follow the wishes.
  • Show competence in managing the knowledge about the coffee origin, its types, available ways of preparing coffee beverages, tools to conduct it, and skillfully share this knowledge with the visitors.
  • Accurately make a wide variety of coffee beverages according to the recommended rules and methods.
  • Create conditions to encourage more visitors and contribute to an overall profit increase. Describe and peculiarize the items of goods and services.
  • Polish and disinfect the appliances, accessories and the shop itself.
  • Place orders for the necessary utilities and material, collect and put them in storage afterward.
  • Provide customers with ready-made meals like coffee biscuits, chocolate, buns etc.
  • Make sure of the appropriate condition of tools and devices on a regular basis, manage to cope with various issues that may emerge in the process of using the tools, and take care of their periodic professional service.
  • Learn every day to be able to give thoughts on and carry out the modernization of the establishment and promote its functional and stylistic upgrade.
  • Taking part in different webinars and conferences, visiting corresponding events for advanced training, taking up courses of relevant studies are also a part of barista work. In addition, it comprises studying the specialized literature and self-education for broadening the outlook.
  • Maintain work well-being and keep up with the required directions and instructions on the necessary level of life and health safety.
  • Put stickers, seals and leave necessary notes on the items that are to go off.
  • Preparing the meals for their direct consumption, that is, to create their final look by cutting them into portions.
  • Customize the information panel.
  • Arrange the customers’ orders among the staff members.
  • Put the trash out.
  • Successfully take up the regular re-attestation.
  • Accept the visitors’ feedback and possible points of criticism with tolerance and refer them immediately to the appropriate bodies.
  • Demonstrate patience, understanding, and easygoingness in communication with the clients.
  • Address the administrator immediately in case of emergency.

Barista responsibilities may vary from shop to shop, and the person performing the duties may receive extra assignments in the course of work, as well as have less of them.

Barista resume skills and competencies required:

The previous experience or training course is not necessary. Some chiefs may give preference to the experienced candidates, but more often, baristas are taught of the essential know-hows directly at the workplace by employees of higher positions to get adapted especially for the purposes of a certain shop.

  • Expressing enthusiasm for performing the job at various festivities.
  • Ability to take extracurricular jobs.
  • Being a superior listener and interlocutor.
  • Shrewdness and great organizational skills.
  • Being personable, welcoming and comfortable in own skin.
  • Showing competence and good mood.
  • Teambuilding approach.
  • Paying attention to the client’s preferences, a productive reflection of their interests.
  • Compliance with the necessary regulations and directions.
  • Determination.
  • Discipline.

Baristas salary

This profession allows the US people to be paid approximately 9 dollars per hour, although it has a floating tendency. There are possibilities to gain more by means of extracurricular works, receiving perks, rewards, interest, depending on the preconditions of this or that establishment.

Begin your work in a cafe

People who take up barista jobs are divided into those who have passed the preliminary stage of working in this field and have a set of skills and knowledge already, and those who face the profession for the first time. It should be mentioned that most locations provide the basic level training for the staff.
In any case, the employees are required to pass accreditation. Though, they are often free to choose whether to do that before entering the job or in its course. Those who decide to get examined later, are usually given works of more organizational character at first, like learning from others or keeping accounting records until they are officially allowed to prepare all sorts of beverages on their own. For most respected establishments, it is an essential demand to comply with.
A person gets accredited to work as a barista if they are aware of all the ins and outs of correct preparation from the ground up and serving all kinds of coffee drinks according to the rules as well as establishing good and understanding relations with the visitors, and keeping the area in a proper technical and sanitary condition.

Skills relevant to being a barista

Some may suppose that such kind of work is mostly oriented at those who need a side job when there is no possibility or desire to take up more significant occupation. However, work in a coffee shop may appear to be the ticket to further personal and career growth and broaden the range of available job options. Look at the description of those competencies which will make you a top worker in this field.

Social intelligence:

If you work as a barista, you are expected to establish relations with the visitors and, furthermore, remain welcoming and polite. It is one of the most crucial requirements for a good barista so that to guarantee the shop’s good image and obtain a great number of satisfied guests.
A developed social skill is believed to be the priority when working as a barista, because it attracts any visitor, as an experienced worker will predict the character of a person along with preparing a good drink for them. There are people who come to the shop in order to speak out or to receive some comfort, or just to sit calmly and go deep into own thoughts. So, the one who stands at the bar has to see through these emotional fluctuations and reflect them in a way a visitor wants. It is a huge job, isn’t it?

Being dynamic to move with the time:

As long as people are often primarily in haste and wish to get what they need as soon as possible, a barista has to be really quick on the draw in the process of getting the customer’s order ready. Good news is that the talent of arranging the work and space around productively can be acquired. Moreover, many establishments teach their workers to achieve success in it.

Efficient cross-functionality:

The position occupied by a barista presupposes that this person should be quick like a bunny to perform various kinds of work at the same time. Along with your possible desire to have a few spare hands to get everything done on time, you also need to be proficient at preparing all the drinks on the menu with skill and talent. Moreover, you have to be able to repeat the recipe as many times as the visitor requires, to make sure they like a drink because it always tastes good.

Developing a refined taste:

They say you shouldn’t see a psychiatrist who has psychiatric problems himself. That is, if you want to impress the visitor with an excellent mix, you need to have a perfect nose for what can be combined and what can’t yourself. Try out new recipes and create the ones that no visitor would resist.


A barista should also be physically strong and emotionally stable to manage to stay alert in stressful conditions when a constant flow of visitors will take place. It is a really great and difficult job to find power in yourself, and have both feet on the floor, literally and figuratively speaking.

The immaculacy of the shop and personal tidiness:

It is essential to keep the area clean and neat for many reasons. Except for the fact that it creates a good image for a consumer, it also prevents the undesirable effects of neglecting the sanitary rules for both visitors and supervisory check-up. A person standing at the bar must look tidy too because the general impact on the establishment depends mostly on what a customer sees first thing when they enter it. There are rules for barista behavior when dealing with meals and drinks, and these rules must be observed strictly.

Elaborateness and generating fresh ideas:

Barista skills must include attention to small things because they have to define the right portion of this or that drink or the amount of some component in a full mix, and not overdose or underdose. It is a skill that cannot be acquired at once, but developed and practiced for a long time until you’ll finally be able to add the ingredients by eye and create exceptional recipes.
One more thing you should remember is that being a barista is more of a life experience than following what’s written in various directions. Of course, they will teach you the basics, but you’ll get a thorough knowledge built on your own feelings and experience throughout the years.

Is it fun to be a barista?

Just like any other profession, working as a barista has its benefits and flaws. This job gives great opportunities for establishing and strengthening your communicative skills. It helps to make a lot of interesting acquaintances and to learn to find ways of creating a peaceful and satisfied state of mind. What’s more, baristas are allowed to use the location’s facilities to enjoy tasty beverages themselves.
On the other hand, what is a barista in their primary sense? It is a person who is obliged to stay focused on other people’s desires. They often don’t have the opportunity to get promoted if they don’t work really hard or don’t have the money to open their private place.
Anyway, if communication and original drinks are the two things in the list of those you love, and if you are sure you will do your best to achieve success, then this profession will certainly open the perspective horizons of your self-realization.

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