Becoming a Personal Assistant

April 17, 2017

Many people want to become personal assistants (PA) for different reasons. Some want to learn from the top executives, while others just like to have a busy life. A personal assistant’s job is to provide all necessary support to a company director or a senior executive, who doesn’t have the time to carry out important tasks on a daily basis. 

Most of the time, a personal assistant is the first point of contact within the company and the one who is involved in everything that concerns the daily running of a the business. PA’s have overwhelming responsibilities, which can include booking appointments, analyzing data, copywriting, scheduling the meetings, answering the phone, visiting affiliates, being a company’s representative in the social media, and sometimes even getting boss’ kids from the kindergarten.

What skills do I need to become a PA?

Skills of personal assistant deserve special attention. First of all, a PA is expected to have worked in a similar business environment in the past and should definitely have some office experience. A big part of personal assistant’s responsibilities is working on important documents, such as business e-mails and business forms. That’s why every PA should be an expert in using basic computer software, such as Word, Excel, Visio, PowerPoing, etc. and have excellent English skills. Another skill, which is absolutely necessary for the position of a PA, is resilience to stress because sometimes, the pressure can become overwhelming. Therefore, it’s important not to draw too much negative energy and be able to get rid of it quickly. Otherwise, your job can become very stressful, which can lead to many unpleasant diseases.

Any person who is genuinely interested in becoming a personal assistant must have outstanding communication skills and be good at daily interaction with different people, such as colleagues, clients, suppliers, senior executives, etc. It’s not a job for the introvert. Other skills that are necessary for any PA are excellent time-management and planning abilities.

What Qualifications do I need?

A PA qualification is another important aspect of understanding this position. Of course, having a degree will speak to your advantage, but it’s not an outmost necessity to have one. Getting a reliable and trustworthy PA qualification from a recognized college is an excellent way to start your career path as a personal assistant.  

There are a lot of PA courses that are available for those who want to become a personal assistant. These courses are a great way to update your skills and gain a new qualification. Before you apply for any course, make sure that it is CPD accredited. CPD stands for continual professional development. It is the certification service and respected institution. Any course that is accredited by CPD can greatly add up to your professional value. With completed CPD courses, you will have higher chances to impress your prospective employer. 

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