Best Jobs for Travel

September 3, 2018

If you are keen on traveling, then you might opt for a profession related to it. In the article below, you will find a list of the best jobs for travel that might suit even the most demanding people.
Usually, vacation is the only time that most people can devote to travelling and exploring new places. Traveling is the most pleasant and adorable thing that enriches your experience, broadens your outlook, and changes your viewpoint on many life aspects. As such, some people prefer not to wait till their next-year vacation but be involved in traveling while working. Check out some of the best jobs for travel that you might want to apply.
There are plenty of companies worldwide that would be glad to hire you. Yes, you have read it properly – worldwide, which means that you will have to travel for your job. Most of the careers that involve traveling offer appealing job prospects, accommodation reimbursements, customized work shifts, and attractive remuneration. If you think that travel jobs are only for keen travelers and adventurers, you are slightly mistaken – they will also perfectly suit for scholars, researchers, and even teachers.

Top Jobs for Travelers

If you crave for exploring ancient cities and towns or delving into the pristine nature, feel free to apply for these best jobs for travel listed below:

ESL teacher

If you are fluent in English or have education background related to teaching, then you might be interested in working as a teacher of English as a second language. It is one of the best traveling jobs if you find teaching fun and rewarding. Many international schools across the world are interested in employing native English speakers who would create perfect environment for their students in acquiring a foreign language. Schools and companies seeking for ESL teachers provide great perks and benefits for them, such as favorable working environment, good living conditions, and competitive salaries. Moreover, many companies offer holiday leaves and paid vacations. Apart from these benefits, ESL teachers have a chance to explore the culture and lifestyle of the country they work in.

Travel nurse

If you are working as a nurse and got tired of being at the same place every day, then you should know of a great opportunity of becoming a traveling nurse. If you think that a nursing profession does not bring you any new opportunities to travel, you are wrong: travel nursing enables you to see the world while helping others maintain their good health state. You might opt for working abroad on a regular basis or just going to the other countries for some time to try out this new experience. With the help of this travel experience, you will be able to learn something new from doctors living in the other countries as well as share your own knowledge and experience with them. You might get this great chance of becoming a travel doctor or a nurse if there is a shortage of nursing specialists in the other regions of the world. You will get a lot of benefits such as free (or cheap) accommodation, attractive salary, and transportation.

Disaster housing inspector

In regions where disasters happen on a regular basis, there is a need of disaster safety inspectors who determine how safe it is for dwellers to return to their places of residence hit by disasters. Another function that housing inspectors perform is to evaluate the sum of costs the insurance companies need to pay to the residents. The position of a disaster housing inspector is unfortunately not permanent as the inspector is needed only at times when disasters hit certain regions. As a rule, an inspector might be involved in the position for about three months. Thus, they often need to travel to the other places to help others. Before starting to work, a housing inspector needs to undergo thorough training and different checks in order to be sure he fits for the position perfectly and is able to save others.

Travel babysitter

The position of a traveling babysitter brings a new lease of life to the world of childcare. Many people involved in politics, sports, business, and governmental activities need to travel as it is a part of their daily schedule. Since many of them have families and children, they are in a strong need to find a reliable babysitter who can not only be available at their place of residence but who can also travel with the family in cases of business trips. Therefore, a traveling babysitter ensures safe stays abroad for children that are also free from stress since a child would otherwise need more time to get accustomed to a new babysitter found for him/ her abroad.

Wilderness guide

If you are an adventurous person who has spent a bulk of your life traveling abroad in the wildest and distant places, then you can easily provide services of a wilderness guide. Many people are interested in going to some savage lands but they are afraid to go there alone without a guide. So, here you can find yourself jobs that let you travel. You will not only introduce completely new places to tourists but you will also provide them with tips how to navigate in the midst of wilderness. A good thing about this position is that you do not require any specific education – all that matters is your former experience and the ability to feel the nature and easily navigate in the wild.

Flight attendant

If you want to see more of the world, you can become a flight attendant. The countries you will visit will mostly depend on the airline you choose. The same is about free time you will get to explore new places on your own. It is actually a good option to travel the world but the overall conditions depend on the working conditions and the airline you work for. \

Commercial airline pilot

If you do not like the idea of becoming a flight attendant as you are afraid to see new countries only as you land in the airport, then become a pilot! You will be guaranteed two or three days in the other country, so you will have ample time to explore new places and go sightseeing. Besides, the position of a pilot is considered to be the best paid on the list.


If you would like something more than just traveling for pleasure and would like to apply your scientific skills, then become a geologist and explore new places literally in depth. It is one of the best travel careers for keen research enthusiasts.


Bartending jobs can also grant you opportunities how to travel the world and earn money at the same time. If you have sufficient experience, you can find a job in any corner of the world. One of the most lucrative workplaces are in countries popular among tourists.

How to Become an Expert Traveler?

As you are searching for a job that involves traveling, keep in mind that you can work either independently or be hired by some international companies. In case you choose the latter option, then you should adjust your resume in correspondence with requirements of the given company. Pinpoint that you have ample travel experience and basic skills needed for the work.

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