Best Resume Writing Tips

February 14, 2017

Some time ago, I used to work in management positions for various organizations. When I held these offices, I interviewed some people, hired some, and had to reject some, as well. Therefore, I have read a bunch of different resumes, and I would like to share with you several tips on presentable resume writing.

Main HR Advice: Ensure Your Resume Looks Attractive

Make sure your resume has a precise layout, matching fonts, indentation, and correct use of bullet points. This can sound fault-finding, but you have to demonstrate your professionalism, and this is a great chance to show you really have attention to details.

Proper Longevity

Dates of the resume are the first points that managers usually scan looking through the paper. Are there any breaks in employment or many short-term employments? These details put on guard of a recruiter. Therefore, think well what to include in resume.

English 101

There should not be any grammar, syntax and spelling mistakes. There were several cases when I had to disqualify great candidates because of poor spelling or grammar errors. Therefore, always use a spell-check when writing a resume.

Contact information

If you are successful to impress the manager who is reading your resume, he or she will probably be willing to contact you. Therefore, when you wonder what to include in resume, do not forget about contact information: phone number and email.


Most HR Reps have an ability to understand from a resume whether a candidate is being honest or not. If you are 21 years old, I will not expect you to have six years’ experience in the professional area. If you have significant experience, share with me, I might be in search of a person, who has it.


When talking about do's and don’ts of resume writing, one of the important points is not to include everything in this paper. Managers want to see only important and relevant information. Unless you are recent college grad, do not write about your awards. If you worked at a random job for a couple of weeks in between two main jobs, do not write about it too, unless your responsibilities and experience specifically correlate to the position for which you are applying. Stick to one page format. It is enough for HR Rep to understand whether you deserve an interview.

Stand Out

Do not use a word template to write your resume. Of course, it is a good way to make sure you included all the necessary information, but it will look just like the 30 other papers, which I received that day, which makes it immediately forgettable. There are numerous resume services offering wonderful-looking resumes for good prices.

Name Your Document Properly

If you are emailing, please make sure that the name of your document is FirstNameLastNameResumeMonthYear.pdf. This way, you save manager’s time not having to rename it. Besides, the chances are bigger if he or she remembers your name and gets a positive impression.

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