Black Friday

Black Friday: Tips and Tricks

November 24, 2017

Black Friday is a favorite day of selling and shopping. Because of the low prices, customers often buy many things even if they do not need them. However, there are some tips and tricks, which you may use to make your shopping even more pleasant.

  1. Particular things

According to scientific marketing researches, Black Friday is the best time for buying electronics (gaming consoles, computer supplies, etc.) and kitchen appliances (cupboard, dinner table, knives, etc.). This trend is still valid today. The main issue of such products is their limited number. For instance, there are only five TVs per store for such a price. Thus, you should be sure that you buy it in time.

  1. Forget about season things and novelties

Remembering an English proverb "While it is fine weather, mend your sail" can save your money. It means that sellers always put a high price on season items. For instance, you will buy an umbrella much cheaper in summer than in autumn. However, sometimes you have just to wait. For example, New Year seasonal items will have significant discounts on the day of New Year, because sellers want to get rid of their products as soon as possible. Also, do not forget that new things are always expensive. However, the release of the new iPhone 8 will make its previous version, iPhone 7, cheaper.

  1. Monitor the prices

It is the most crucial point when you are going to buy something. Why is it so important? You cannot be sure whether a seller offers you an excellent discount and price when you cannot compare it with other prices. It is clear! There are a lot of apps, for instance, Camelcamelcamel, Invisible Hand, Slickdeals, etc., which you may use to view the price history of the item and realize whether the price is worthy or vice versa. It will help you to avoid such sellers who increases the cost of products to 30 percent a week before Black Friday, and then just give you a 35 percent discount. Thus, you get only a 5 percent discount in reality.

  1. Check the list of Black Friday's products online

Many big companies use flyers with various items to attract customers' attention. However, very often, they indicate incorrect information. For instance, they write about a 50 percent discount for clothes, but it is the discount only for a chosen group of clothes, etc. Thus, it would be useful to check such things in order to avoid misunderstanding and disappointments.

  1. Avoid impulse purchases

Online shopping is a world-popular thing nowadays. However, according to statistic data, 20 percent of customers do not buy things they wanted to buy. How is it possible? Online stores often give you a limited time discount. For instance, you can buy this phone for 100 dollars only during 3 hours; then its price becomes 200 dollars. Thus, people do not have time to compare prices and just make their order. Therefore, try to avoid impulse purchases, because usually, it is a store trick.

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