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Common Job Search Scams You Should Avoid

August 7, 2017
Unfortunately, except for the countless opportunities that the age of the Internet has provided, it has also opened the gates for many scams. In this category, job scams become especially popular.  While some scams are very obvious, others may be...

6 Science-Backed Tips to Make a Great First Impression

August 2, 2017
Most of us become very nervous when we’re trying to make an impression on someone. Desire not to make something inappropriate or say something wrong makes our anxiety levels skyrocket. In fact, it takes a person less than a second...
Wildly Successful woman

5 Things Wildly Successful Women Do at Work

July 31, 2017
Every new year holds the hope for a new beginning. Luckily, in the modern digital age, there are many ways that you can use to increase your creativity, productivity, physical and mental wellness and, finally, reach your goals.   To ensure...

Ways Virtual Reality Will Change Education

July 26, 2017
Under present day conditions, education is one of the most important aspects of the developed societies. The nature of education is to address the challenges of the ever-changing world by educating the young people and arming them with the right...
Reputated man

Using Reputation Management for Your Career

July 24, 2017
When the Internet became a thing, our lives started turning more and more public. Mostly, it works to our advantage, but not in every situation. Many graduates who have just graduated from their universities are looking forward to beginning their...
Parents and children

Traditions of Parent’s Day in Our Country

July 23, 2017
The role of caring parents in the lives of their children is honored on the federal level by celebrating Parent’s Day. As a part of its tradition, the holiday promotes conscious and responsible parenting, helping US citizens to recognize positive...
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