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How to Get an Interview at Facebook: Tips for Successful Interview

Facebook has occupied the top position in the list of the most desirable workplaces. As a result, more and more people get interested in how to get an interview at Facebook. It is perfectly understandable that you are interested in Read more >

Top-Notch Answers to 5 Tricky Interview Questions

Job interviews are nerve-racking even when the recruiters are kind and benevolent. After all, you are expected to convince them of your suitability and exceptional qualities in less than an hour. The task becomes even more complicated if one is Read more >

Importance of Thank You Cards for Your Job Interview

A thank you card has two main functions. The first function is that it shows a human resources manager that you appreciate his/her time, and the second one is that it demonstrates your sincere desire to work for the company Read more >

Telling About Yourself without Looking Boastful

Bragging means exaggerating about your achievements. A tone of your voice can also make a great influence on the way another person thinks of you. It is hard to control a tone because we don’t frequently listen to ourselves. Ask Read more >

Sample Interview Follow-Up Letter

Michael Smith 1923 Time Square New York, NY 02783 February 20, 20XX   Mr. Jordan Anderson Product Development Manager Quick Products, Ltd. 1324 East Broadway New York, NY 02432   Dear Mr. Anderson: I want to say the most sincere Read more >

Rapport and Its Significance to Job Interview

Imagine this. Yesterday you were at the job interview for the vacancy that indeed interests you. Today you woke up having a warm feeling of your high chances to be hired, since you did all possible to make a good Read more >

Post Academic Interview: 3 Things to Avoid

After the completion of the academic interview, waiting for the decision in regard to whether you were successful in securing the desired position or not can be a nerve-wrecking time indeed. The worst thing about it is that you can Read more >

Interview Tips That Lead to Job Offers

Do you have an interview arranged for tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or next week? You need to be well-prepared to do the most out of yourself on this important day. Read on to learn how to do this. Note: Read more >

Managing Interview Stress

According to many studies, the most stressful component of moving from one job to another is attending interviews. Preparing for and attending an interview are even more stressful than adapting to the new environment or telling your coworkers that you’re Read more >