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Section with great hints and tips for passing an interview successfully and applying for a job of your dream.

Rapport and Its Significance to Job Interview

Imagine this. Yesterday you were at the job interview for the vacancy that indeed interests you. Today you woke up having a warm feeling of your high chances to be hired, since you did all possible to make a good Read more >

Post Academic Interview: 3 Things to Avoid

After the completion of the academic interview, waiting for the decision in regard to whether you were successful in securing the desired position or not can be a nerve-wrecking time indeed. The worst thing about it is that you can Read more >

Interview Tips That Lead to Job Offers

Do you have an interview arranged for tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or next week? You need to be well-prepared to do the most out of yourself on this important day. Read on to learn how to do this. Note: Read more >

Managing Interview Stress

According to many studies, the most stressful component of moving from one job to another is attending interviews. Preparing for and attending an interview are even more stressful than adapting to the new environment or telling your coworkers that you’re Read more >

How Not To Ruin A First Impression Before Job Interview

Making a great first impression is related to a genuine art of manners. This task becomes even more complicated when it comes to your job interview. The most common mistake is to think that this impression starts the moment you Read more >

3 Things to Focus on before a Job Interview

Job interviews are a necessary evil. Yes, they may be stressful, but the interviewee receives a unique opportunity to prove his/her uniqueness to the recruiters in person instead of relying on his/her CV. But how should one approach the interviews Read more >

What to do The Night before Your Interview

It is absolutely natural to feel nervous before a job interview. However, this nervousness can do harm if it is excessive. Therefore, it is important to take some steps to decrease your stress, especially the night before and on the Read more >

10 Questions to Consider before an Interview

What’s the specialization of the department? It would be a big plus if you know beforehand what major challenges and issues the department is facing and in which areas it needs to grow and improve. Networking should help you to Read more >

Teacher Interview Tips

I have been through several teacher interviews during my teaching career. Over the time, I often heard from my colleagues that I pass interviews very well, so, this article has been written with the aim to help other teachers survive Read more >

Job Interview Tips: Things to Never Say

Finding a job may become a more difficult task than you could think. And the first challenge job applicants have to face is a job interview. It is often a bit uncomfortable and awkward, as applicants do not feel confident Read more >