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Section with great hints and tips for passing an interview successfully and applying for a job of your dream.

Nursing Job Interview Tips

Working as a nurse requires dedication. Moreover, you have to demonstrate that dedication right at the interview in order to convince the employer that you are really interested in the job. Not only fresh graduates feel the interview anxiety, but Read more >

ESL interview tips

The moment of your ESL teaching interview is approaching. Of course, you feel disturbed and want everything to go well. These tips will help to provide your interview success. How to prepare for interview Practice before your interview. Try to Read more >

Most Commonly Asked Police Interview Questions

If you are going to become a police officer, you will not avoid the police oral board interview. It was designed with the aim of making the overall judgment and reasoning the capabilities of the candidates. There are people who Read more >

15 Toughest Behavioral Interview Questions

Congratulations!  You have passed through the initial line of scanning and managed to get to the stage of the interview with your potential employer. In this ever changing and complicating environment of technological advancement and social media networks, the innovations Read more >

“Walk Me Through Your Resume” Question

Neither recruiter nor applicant knows beforehand how the interview will pass. It depends on the interaction of two individualities, and it hard to predict. However, there are few interview questions which often start the conversation, and “Walk me through your Read more >

Acing the Interview: Effective Tips

I am wondering if there are recent studies that connect introversion and job interviews. I am pretty sure that this issue is quite topical because there are millions of people with such a temperament, and they need to get some Read more >