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Ways to Make the Best Use of Your Internship

Your internship is finally over. I bet that you worked hard and managed to develop your skills to the maximum. But now, it is the time to bring everything to a successful close and make the best use of this Read more >

Finding A New Job Without Your Employer Finding Out

Sometimes, you understand that your current job is actually not for you. You decide that your want to find a new one but don't want to leave your present workplace until you do it (to be on the safe side). Read more >

Celebrating All Saints’ Day

Roman Catholic Church celebrates dozens of saints’ days. However, not every saint has the holiday because not all of them are known to the church. In such a way, to commemorate all the saints in heaven, there is All Saint’s Read more >

Halloween: Unknown Historical Facts

We celebrate Halloween on October 31 every year. It is one of the most popular and oldest holidays. It came to us from the 8th century and turned into a massive celebration in the 14th century. Here are some interesting Read more >

How to Be Happy at Work

Modern people are looking for more flexible and creative work environments, trying to get rid of the annoying nine-to-five scenario and cluttered office spaces. Recent graduates prefer campus-like environments, where you can find fascinating outdoor nooks, cafeterias with yummy food, Read more >