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How To Develop A List Of Target Employers

Searching for a job randomly, trying to encompass as many recruitment options as possible, is not the best idea. You need to have a certain strategic plan that would help you attract the most suitable companies. Thus, one of the Read more >

Child Health Day

America observes Child Health Day annually on the first Monday of October. It is not a federal holiday, thus, people should go to work and children to schools and kindergartens, but a huge number of different informative programs about the Read more >

Why You Need A Mentor (And How To Find One)

When you need assistance in advancing along your career ladder, you might require a mentor. And even if you have already reached the top of your career, you still might want to hear useful advice from someone. A mentor is Read more >

Grandparents Day Celebration

Grandparents Day is a national holiday celebrated on the first Sunday of September. The purpose of the holiday is to acknowledge the role of grandparents in the lives of their children and grandchildren. Our grandmothers and grandfathers offer us their Read more >