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Read this section and get to know major hints for writing professional resume that will impress employers.

Service Industry Resume: How to Select a Reliable Service

How to Choose a Resume-Writing Service Once you choose the right service industry resume, you will surely attain success in your job application process. If you have decided to delegate your resume writing to an expert resume writing group, make Read more >

How to Get the Most Out of the Resume Writing Service

Professional Resume Writing When you have a resume and understand that it should be reviewed and improved by a real professional, it is better to ask for professional resume writing assistance. When a person wants to build a successful career, Read more >

Tips to Make Hiring Managers Read Your IT Resume

Whether you’re a help desk manager, a web developer or play another important role in IT, you should make sure that necessary keywords are present in your resume in order to pass through the automated gatekeepers into the hands of Read more >

Why You Should Drop the IT Resume Objective

It is a serious controversy among tech pros whether to include an objective statement in the resume or not. Primarily, the answer is no. Learn the core reasons why further in the article. Refawne Acarregui, Robert Half Technology Division Director Read more >

Secrets of Successful Job Applications

How Do You Select Job Vacancies? A person who starts job hunting can be compared to an author suffering from the  writer’s block. You’re staring at your old resume, not knowing how to improve it. You even don’t know what Read more >

How to Write a Great Resume

You probably know that completing a good resume is sometimes nerve-racking. It is quite complicated to convey all those things you need to say about your knowledge, skills and experience in just a few pages. Besides, what you put in Read more >

Designing a Creative Resume

While applying for a job, you are expected to be serious, official, and reliable. Almost nobody expects your application form and resume to be original and creatively designed. On one hand, an HR manager can better remember your creative identity Read more >

Collecting Ideas for Writing a Resume

What kind of people do you prefer to date: maybe, tall, serious and official; or perhaps, curly, casual and with a nice sense of humor? You may find it weird but your romantic tastes are similar to your occupation preferences. Read more >

Tips on How to Age Proof Your Resume

It is always a challenge to change a job when you are in your fifties. Actually, this is the best time for you to look for retirement, rather than continuation of your career. Moreover, prospective employers are no longer excited Read more >

Easy Guide to Professional IT Resume Writing

Every conscious person who seeks for a job in IT knows that professional resume should be written effectively in order to attract prospective employers. Follow these IT resume tips and learn how to impress your future boss with the most Read more >