Celebration of Pentecost in the United States

June 4, 2017

First of all, let’s explain what Pentecost is. Pentecost is another name for a Christian holiday known worldwide as a Whit Sunday. In the New Testament, this day is described as a day when the Holy Spirit descended upon the Jesus’ disciples.

How People Celebrate the Holiday

Pentecost in the US is a day when people of different backgrounds share their ideas on the meaning of the holiday. It’s a day when many people think of the ways to improve and strengthen their belief due to learning from individuals from diverse cultures. However, basically, this day is also often perceived as an effort of Christ to expand God’s mercy from Judaism to all peoples of the world.

Churches all over the world celebrate this holiday with a mass. However, in many cultures, this day is more widely known as a Mother’s Day.

Regardless of the importance of the holiday for Christians in different parts of the world and particularly in the US, the Americans do not celebrate this day as a federal holiday. 


The Bible describes the event of descending of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples, which happened on the 50th day after Easter. The miracle happened when they were praying. As a result of it, they received the ability to speak different languages to share the word of God among Jewish people from all over the world. These people tended to come to Jerusalem for the Feast of Shavuot and then returned home carrying the preaching of the apostles with them.

However, this day is connected to one more important event, which is a creation of the Christian Church. There is no exact date of the first celebration of Pentecost. Anyway, its celebration is connected to the first century. Nowadays, Whitsun is considered to be a period starting from last Saturday before Whit Sunday and lasting till the following Saturday.

Taking its roots from the New Testament, the holiday is celebrated on the 50th day after Easter (7 weeks after Easter Sunday). Some Orthodox churches have their own tradition of calculating the day of the holiday. They observe Pentecost based on the date set by the western churches. It is caused by the fact that they observe the day in accordance with Julian calendar. Consequently, the celebration of the Easter is also connected to the March equinox.

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