Children's health

Child Health Day

October 2, 2017

America observes Child Health Day annually on the first Monday of October. It is not a federal holiday, thus, people should go to work and children to schools and kindergartens, but a huge number of different informative programs about the importance and protection of children’s life take place this day. The aim of the observation is to underline and educate adults about the problems of children’s health which are connected with improper nutrition and passive physical lifestyle. Such organizations as the Mental and Health Child Library, and Health Resources and Services Administration help to organize it.

Proper Care

During this day, many social organizations and volunteers organize events, which introduce the rules of the right newborn care, importance of the regular doctor visits, treating the most common children illnesses and prevention of injuries at home and out. As a rule, there are many posts about healthy food and significant for children growth products. Many sports centers and clubs present information about their services for both children and parents.

Physical Abuse and Bullying

Psychologists emphasize about the elimination of domestic violence and psychological bullying of children of all ages. Adults receive folders with phone numbers and addresses of special services, which help people to establish harmony in their family life and relations. Many of them are anonymous. Such approach is significant as it is always better to solve the problem at its first stage than to separate the family later.       

Elimination of Harm Influence

It is impossible to talk about future generation health without mentioning harmful factors, the impact of which should be eliminated or at least reduced shortly. Thus, within National Child Health Day there is much information in social actions and TV about the destructive influence of environmental pollution, junk food, and harmful parents’ habits like smoking, drinking and using drugs on their children’s health. There are also many talks about the necessity to extend health coverage for children, provide schools and kindergartens throughout the country with more physical training equipment and develop future generation in the way of active lifestyle.

How to Observe This Day

The best observation of this day is care about the health and welfare of the children around you. There is no matter you are a parent or not. There is always some kid near you. You can exercise together, feed with healthy products, have a fun. Consider an appointment with the doctor and medical bracelets buying for children with allergy or chronic disease this day too. Do these things for your own offspring, your relatives or orphans. The opportunity to do Good is always opened up.

The observation of National Child Health Days reminds everyone in society about the importance of children welfare. It is the responsibility of adults to eliminate harmful environmental and social influences on the health of the future generations. Volunteer and participate in Child Health Day actions means to make a contribution for better future.

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