Merry Christmas

Christmas by Numbers

December 25, 2017

Can you believe it? Christmas is already coming! To make it easier for you to get in the spirit, we have gathered some festive facts to Christmas you might not know.

Incredible Facts about Numbers:

£1.8 milliard – Is withdrawn from the cash machines in the United Kingdom over the holiday season

£1.6 milliard – Is the total spent by people in the United Kingdom on this day

£700 million – People spend on needless gifts on this holiday

300 million – Mince pies are eaten over this holiday

150 million – Cards are delivered in the UK by Royal Mail during the holiday season

60 million – Christmas trees are grown every year in European countries

£51 million – People save every year due to the numerous discount codes in various shops

£48 million – Citizens of the United Kingdom spend every year on Christmas puddings

25 million – Christmas puddings the UK citizens eat every year

10 million – Turkeys are cooked at this holiday in Great Britain every year

8 million – Natural Christmas trees are bought in Great Britain every year

6.8 million – Android and iOS devices will be activated on this day

2,340,000 mph – The speed at which Santa would have to fly if he had to reach all the homes in the whole world on this holiday

1.2 million – Kindles are presented at Christmas

600,000 – Letters are sent to Santa Claus each year

230,000 t – Wasted food is thrown by people at this holiday every year

120,000 t – Potatoes are eaten over this day

960 – Calories we consume at Christmas dinner

820 – Houses Santa Claus would have to visit each second to make all the deliveries

£330 – An average adult spends on Christmas gifts in the United Kingdom

83 km2 – Wrapping paper is sold in the United Kingdom at this holiday each year

57 – Olympic-sized swimming pools could be filled with the beer that people consume in Great Britain at Christmas

16 – Christmas presents are given to an average UK child on this day

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