Cold Calling for Jobs Does Work

Cold Calling for Jobs Does Work

March 9, 2017

After hopelessly sending out resumes and posting on job boards, people start realizing that they should apply more efficient methods of job searching to get a foot in the door. Getting an interview in the today’s competitive job market is so challenging that you have to think outside the box to brainstorm some viable ideas on how to attract hiring manager’s attention.

If you are wondering what else you should do to get a good job, the answer is to exert yourself and do everything possible in order to get noticed by some employers. Cold calling companies is one of the strategies of hunting for a job that proved to be fruitless in the light of Internet era. 

Needless to say that although companies that are looking for new employees post the job offers publicly will first and foremost try to fill positions in-house. Also, they will try to recruit those people that applied through referrals of their employees. Another pitfall is that they may or may not post jobs on one of the biggest job boards. Moreover, some organizations still do not post most of their open vacancies in the job market because they want to take on reliable people through the referrals or by posting on the company’s website.

Therefore, if there is nothing left and you are getting itchy to work somewhere else, try your luck and start cold calling. Be ready to be turned down. I recommend calling local smaller companies for open positions since unlike larger companies, they usually do not have the hiring and advertising budgets and will be happy to have a look at your resume or even communicate with you.

For instance, my friend who was fired after the 9/11 tragedy and was unemployed for almost half of the year until he started cold calling software companies in to offer his assistance. By sheer luck, he contacted a local company that turned out to be owned by his classmate from Jr. High School, and he was able to get the job at that time.

While it is not always a safe bet, cold calling can sometimes help you discover relationships or make connections with companies that you have never dreamt of. So, if the typical job search tips won’t help you to secure a job in the first couple of weeks, do not be afraid to try cold calling. You never know what the fate has prepared for you.

If you want to change your life, have a dream job, or just find your niche, do not hesitate to resort to various methods, including cold calling. Pick up the phone and start making some calls! I am sure there is something special for you out there.

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