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Collecting Ideas for Writing a Resume

September 20, 2017

What kind of people do you prefer to date: maybe, tall, serious and official; or perhaps, curly, casual and with a nice sense of humor? You may find it weird but your romantic tastes are similar to your occupation preferences. What would you choose – an official office with separate cubicles or a casual environment with a cheerful staff?

Looking for a Perfect Working Place

Think of  Your Previous Experience

Take a minute and think of a place where you feel yourself at home. Now, think about your previous working experiences – were there any jobs that made you relax and forget that you are struggling hard to earn money? If you have no such working places, think wider and try to recall any place, either a restaurant, a local board game club, a cinema or anything else that reminds you of home calmness. Now, try to understand why it is so special; what makes you think about the place as your second home.

Think of a Movie Atmosthere

If there are no such memories at all, remember about the film that you find the most appealing. Probably, there is a place of your dreams somewhere there, among the imaginary world of cinematography. You may ask how talking about an ideal job or a perfect imaginary place will help you write a better CV. Here is the most interesting part – along your resume use the language that associates you with the most convenient place of your dream.

If you prefer a tranquil and cozy environment, then fill you CV with the words that reflect your calmness; state that you work well without distractions and that you yourself are a quiet person. Alternatively, if you are an active person, lively vocabulary will help the employer understand that you require joyful colleagues and an energetic atmosphere.

Think of Your Lifestyle

Not only will your apartment or favorite films help to choose the language of your resume, but also the lifestyle in general. If you like to spend your weekends in front of the TV set, then perhaps, you will never be fond of dynamic job that requires a lot of movement. On the other hand, active free time will never make you sit in the office from nine to five.

The same is with your resume. The type of job you are searching for directly depends on the vocabulary you use while composing your CV. Describe yourself and the preferable working place in a way that you will not regret after a few working weeks.

Think of Relationships

Composing a resume is quite similar to filling your dating application account. You clearly state, whether you are looking for a partner for a long term or rather a person to spend some good time with. The same concerns a job. While looking for a stable profession, you will have to use appropriate vocabulary that will prove the employer your devotion and aspiration to spend years in the company.

Think how you compose your CV, as a few meaningful words may once influence your entire life.

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