Common Job Search Scams You Should Avoid

August 7, 2017

Unfortunately, except for the countless opportunities that the age of the Internet has provided, it has also opened the gates for many scams. In this category, job scams become especially popular.  While some scams are very obvious, others may be disguised as attractive job opportunities that shouldn’t be missed. Here are top four job search scams that look attractive, but should be avoided at all cost:

“Secret Shopper” That Requires a Money Order 

This type of scam has become very popular recently. The “employer” will send you a check, which you should deposit into your bank account and then wait for it to clear. When it clears, you are supposed to use a part of that check to test a wire transfer service of some local company, spend another part of the check to purchase something that you desire and keep the rest as your reward. Where’s the scam you may ask? In fact, tricksters who offer this, know that most of people have no idea how checks are cleared out by the banks. Even if a bank informs you that a check should be cleared within a couple of days, sometimes it takes weeks. In this case you’ll be on the hook for interchanging any amount of money that you drew against it – money that was already send to the person, who fooled you.

Make $5K Weekly Stuffing Envelopes 

Have you seen these super-attractive ads that offer you to stuff envelopes for $5K a week? Although, it looks obvious that this offer is a scam and should be avoided, tricksters are very artful. They use confusing math to demonstrate you that making $5K a week is really possible. All you have to do to start is to buy some materials, and there you go – you have your own home business! Needless to say, it’s a hoax and you can’t make $5K a week stuffing envelopes, because in order to achieve it you have to convince too many people to buy the same materials that you have bought. Another multi-level marketing scheme that should be avoided.

Make a Little Investment to Get Started 

That’s also a popular hoax. You will be offered to pay $100-$500 for any product, software or training to start your own business and make a lot of money. Even though, these companies may have good looking websites, all they are really aimed at is finding a prey, which believes that it is possible to earn much with doing little.

You Will Make a Fortune Later

If you see a promise that you won’t have a regular paycheck, but you’ll get a fortune some time later in the future – run away, you’ve found a scammer! In case you contact these scammers, they will explain you very convincingly how exactly you will make so much money (probably when project will be completed), but all their speeches are empty. 

Remember that it’s impossible to get much by investing almost nothing. In other words – no pain, no gain.

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