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Common Signs That You’re In The Wrong Job

August 9, 2017

A lot of us think that paving the right career path is a difficult thing to do. However, in reality, it is not that difficult. You don’t need any special person or institution to tell you what you’re really good at. All you need is some time spent in introspection, to be honest with yourself, and to look deep within. Unfortunately, not every person can do it, which leads to wrong job choices and  unhappy life. If you feel uncomfortable about your job right now, here are the signs, which show very clearly, that you’re actually in a wrong job. 

Your work doesn’t come naturally

I have a friend who works as a human resources manager. She told me that there are two employees at her work, who hold the same positions, but show completely different results. That happens because for one employee this job plays to his strengths, while for the other it only drains energy and demotivates. While everyone can obtain a certain level of competence within certain area of business activity, not every position meets personal idiosyncrasies of a certain human being. When you have a job, which is good for you, everything comes naturally. When you don’t, your job can turn into a torture. The worst thing about it is that you can never become successful in doing the job that doesn’t come natural. 

You hate talking about your job

I have a good friend, who quit her daily job to start her own jewelry business. She had always been making plans about starting her business and eventually she did it. With the passage of time, her small-startup got bigger and now it has over 20 employees. When I meet her, she just can’t stop talking about her business! It’s not that she doesn’t experience stress, all of us do, but the thing is that she’s so excited about what she’s doing that she can’t think of anything else. In contrast to her, there are people who can’t tell a word about their job. If you don’t have any interest in what you are doing, it’s a clear sign that you have to look for something else. Here’s a rule that you can follow – if in 7 days nothing happens at your work that you want to share with your friends, that job is not for you. Sometimes, it’s not about you, but about your employer. That’s why you should be really attentive to distinguish whether you dislike the job itself or people, who manage you.   

Your job drains all your juices.

Well, that’s the most obvious sign. If your job has led you to clinical anxiety, you should leave it without thinking about whatifs and whatafters. Regardless the income that you receive, job that makes you experience constant stress isn’t worth your time.

You find it difficult to relate to your colleagues 

If you find that your personal values conflict with the values of your colleagues and the company’s “mantra”, know that you are holding a wrong job. 

Remember that it’s never late to start anew!

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