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Designing a Creative Resume

October 4, 2017

While applying for a job, you are expected to be serious, official, and reliable. Almost nobody expects your application form and resume to be original and creatively designed. On one hand, an HR manager can better remember your creative identity and it can influence your further success. On the other hand, your failure to stick to the necessary standards may immediately prevent you from getting a position. However, not all the employers keep the following politics. Here is a list of professions that might alternatively require from you a creative approach at the interview.

Places for the Creative Resumes

Web Design

Perhaps this one was the easiest to guess. Your destiny as a web designer directly depends on how creative you are. Here, you must present what you are capable of and this is where only your imagination is the limit. However, here is a small piece of advice – do not copy the presentation templates that have been posted online. Be original and create something on your own.


The main objective of a marketing specialist is to attract customers’ attention that can be achieved only by involving a lot of creativity. A perfect chance to show what you can do is to design your resume in such a way that the employer will believe that you are an inborn marketing expert. Use your previous samples to show your capabilities.

Graphic Design

Graphic designers are like chefs – they take text, images and content and combine them into an appealing product. An HR manager would appreciate looking at your previous works. Thus, including a few self-made logos, banners or fliers into your resume would be extremely helpful.


A salesperson, similar to marketing specialists, uses his/her creativity to sell the goods. However, this profession requires closer cooperation with a customer, so the means of creativity implementation are a little bit different. However, the resume should not be overfilled with the examples, as your personal information should still prevail.


Creativity within programming industry should not be expressed with visual means. The main concept in this sphere is a code, so impress the hirer with your achievements in programming. Sure, you will not write a code itself in the resume. You can always bring a flash memory or use cloud storage to access your programming achievements.

Public Relations

Present your resume as a press release if you are applying for a PR manager position. Despite this idea is not knew, you may add your own details to demonstrate creativity. This is the situation, where it is much better to show than to tell.


Nowadays, a profession of journalist requires a bit more than just the ability to talk fluently. Making photos, working with social media, designing layouts and a lot more – that is what a skillful journalist must be able to do. As the requirements are so high, there is a perfect chance to show them during the interview by implementing the achievements in your resume.

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