Does Your Company Offer ‘Dream Jobs?

May 25, 2017

“Find your dream job!” they say. But how can one do this? You can google and find a lot of information on how to show the company that you’re an excellent candidate for them. Wait a minute, but how can you check if the company is good for you? At times of need you can gladly grab the first available opportunity to earn money, but in all other situations, you should be picky. It is advisable to carry out a very good research on the company before applying for a job because being a part of an organization with a culture that you can’t stand is one of the most undesirable things in terms of making career choices. If you want to check whether the company is good for you, you should consider doing the following. 

Define Your Priorities

Everyone is looking for different things, so before you start making any choices, define what personally you are looking for in this job. Maybe you’re looking for something very specific, like health insurance, flexible working schedule or a certain type of corporate culture. Or maybe you’re looking for a meaningful job that can benefit the lives of living beings all around the planet? If you join a company that can’t offer you what you want, very soon you will find yourself hating it. Don’t make this mistake.

Read the Job Description

It’s so obvious, yet so many employees skip it. When you read a job description, you start to understand what exactly employers are looking for and you can easily find out if that job fits your expectations. Reading job descriptions can save you a lot of time which you would otherwise spend on the companies that are of no interest for you.

Research Online 

Just like employers started to browse their prospects’ online history, you can also go online and see if there’s any dirt on your potential employer. Of course, you should be wise enough to be able to distinguish the real dirt from the black PR which competitors apply from time to time. Check employers’ website, social networks and look for other employees’ experiences. If all information that you find in the external sources signalizes that your employer is a bad guy, just look for another one. If there are only a couple of negative reviews, or the reviews are mixed, go to the interview and make your own decision.   

Ask Questions 

Choosing a company to work for should definitely include this one. Ask a lot of question during the interview, because there are a lot of things which you can only find out by asking questions. The culture of a company, schedule, and vacations – all these things should be sorted out. And remember that sometimes people in the department where you intend to work are a more trusted source of information than human resources managers. 

Understanding that a company is good enough for you is as even more important as vice versa. Waste no time on the company that doesn’t meet your needs.

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