How Should I Dress For An Interview When It’s Snowing?

December 13, 2017

An interview can be planned on any day of the year – whether it is hot or cold, whether it is raining or snowing. And in any case, you need to have good clothes for this interview and look professionally. Do you know how to do this? If not, or if you need some tips, this article is for you.

Three Tips on how to Look Nice at an Interview in case It Snows

Choose the Appropriate Pair of Shoes

Wearing beautiful shoes on high heels is the best option for an interview. But when it's cold and snowy outside, they can serve you not so well. First of all, you can ruin them with snow, and secondly, it won't be too comfortable to walk in them on the ice. So, you have two alternatives in this case: either carry these gorgeous shoes with you for an interview and change into them when you arrive or choose another pair of comfortable low-heeled boots that will also look good and will match your dress.

Pick an Overcoat to Keep Yourself Warm and Look Professionally

An overcoat is a good alternative to a sweater or a jacket. Firstly, it will help you keep yourself warm when you are outside. And secondly, you will not lose your professional look with it (like you would with a sweater). Choose the fabric that will keep you warm, such as wool, and make sure that this coat looks good on you. Your coat has to be comfortable and easy to remove as soon as you get to the office where your interview is planned. If it looks perfectly on you, you will certainly make a great first impression when you only walk into the building.

Think about Your Hair if You Wear a Hat

It is a good thing to wear something on your head to keep yourself warm in winter, especially if it is snowing. But on the other hand, this very hat can mess up your hair. If you don't want to look untidy on your interview, you have to think about it. Again, you have several ways out. First, you can avoid wearing a hat at all, which is suitable in case you are going by car that will be parked underground or very close to the building (in this case, you won't have time to freeze your head in snow). Second, you may choose the headwear that will not mess up your hair. Third, if you absolutely have to wear a hat, arrive to the interview a bit earlier and try to get your hair tidy again when you take it off. Whatever option you choose, make sure that you look good.

Are you ready for your interview now?

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