Making Decisions in Your Professional Life

January 17, 2017

Every graduant dreams of becoming a skillful and professional worker in the future. The first despair, self-criticism, and low self-appraisal always go together with the first failed job interviews. However, some years after, you will laugh at this emotional experience because it would be evident that you and the offered job position were incompatible.

Your Priorities

Each person should be involved in a job that he/she can do well without inner struggles or compulsion. Each project, special task, and job position should meet your requirements. If you wonder what I mean by “requirements,” I will explain it to you now. The fact that you are a worker does not mean that you are a slave. The fact that you were studying in the university for six years or so and realized that you do not like your future profession does not mean that you should do it for the rest of your life. Do not let yourself be stuck in one place you do not like! Search for the other variants that meet your requirements.

Identifying Your Requirements:

Write all things you like either from your previous or potential jobs. There should be at least ten items.

Highlight a few of those that are the most significant ones.

Choose three among them you cannot imagine your working regime without.

For me, for example, the most important aspects are the ability to work from home, self-management of my working day and week, and good remuneration. It is because I am a mother and my family is my priority. I can never be sure that everything goes according to my plan in the future. Thus, a flexible job with the opportunity of expanded deadlines, late night or early morning working hours perfectly suits me. For you, it can also be a full social package, paid sick leaves, being free on holidays, journeys, communication with people or children, saving someone’s life, and being able to support and help the elderly parents.

X+Y+Z= Easy and Successful Choice

Everyone should choose just three most important requirements for making hard decisions simple. My friend calls it X+Y+Z= easy life choices formula. It helps in various spheres of your life. The most useful is that it assists in saying “no” to exhausting and boring jobs or project offers. If two of your requirements are not satisfied, then do not hesitate to refuse because such position is definitely not for you. To feel comfortable when working and to be able to achieve success and move up the career ladder, try to find an offer which will meet all your criteria.

Try to find your dream job at once. Identify what you appreciate and love about it. Pick out three leading indicators and make a good start. Life is too short to waste it on doing things which irritate and exhaust you. Do not just aim to meet all employers’ requirements – devise your own in your mind first!

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