ESL interview tips

February 7, 2017

The moment of your ESL teaching interview is approaching. Of course, you feel disturbed and want everything to go well. These tips will help to provide your interview success.

How to prepare for interview

Practice before your interview. Try to relax and feel calm and confident. You must be ready for public presentation because it is essential for ESL teacher.Here are some teaching interview advice to observe the typical questions and possible answers beforehand.

Present your best qualities. Recommend yourself as a real professional in this job. Prepare the list of your advantages. Tell about the real cases from your previous work experience, which may illustrate your strong sides.

Think objectively. Comprehend and admit your weaknesses. It shows that you have such a quality as self-criticism and are ready to improve. Remember that you can mention about it, but do not concentrate listeners’ attention on these issues.

Read carefully the job description before the interview.  You should understand who your employer is looking for.  You can emphasize such features that satisfy the demands. In addition, you will be ready to answer to the questions connected with this vacancy.

Your appearance should meet the requirements of the desired position. Of course, you should be clean, neat, and nice.

You are also interested in getting to know more about the company where you are going to work. Do not be afraid to ask your interviewer.You are a qualified worker and deserve good conditions.

Do you know how to get to the appointed interview destination? When you are not sure about office location go there the day before. You will assess how much time you need to get there on time.

Maybe you will not get the job after the first interview. Do not feel desperate; the interview success depends on your readiness, confidence, and ability to present yourself.

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