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Facts about American Flag

June 14, 2017

On the 14th of June, the National Flag Day is celebrated and many people demonstrate their pride by displaying the American Flag on their homes. Besides, the national flag is proudly displayed on every government building during the whole week.

The national flag plays an important role in the life of American people. All of us have grown up admiring it and learning about it in school. We have seen the flag since our childhood on holidays like Independence Day and Memorial Day.

Facts about American Flag

Although the flag plays an important part in American culture, you might not know some interesting facts about how it came to be. Here is a list of 10 facts about our national flag and the history of Flag Day.

  • Betsy Ross sewed the first national flag in May, 1776.
  • Stars and Stripes were adopted by Congress as the American flag on the 14th of June, 1777.
  • The flag’s colors have their meanings. Red is for hardiness and valor, white is for innocence and purity, blue is for justice, vigilance, and perseverance.
  • This holiday was first observed in 1885.
  • In 1894, the New York’s governor directed that the flag has to be displayed on every public building on the 14th of June.
  • In 1916, a presidential proclamation was issued establishing Flag Day as the anniversary of the Flag Resolution.
  • In 1949, an Act of Congress was signed which established 14th of June as an American Flag Day.
  • If soiled or dirty, the flag has to be washed or dry cleaned.
  • If the flag cannot be used anymore, it should be destroyed in a dignified way, like burning.
  • If the flag touches the ground, it should not be destroyed. It can be just washed it if it is dirty.

Make a Difference in your Community

In the USA, people have multiple opportunities to give back to their communities and make a difference in the individual lives of others. On any national celebration, we take time to appreciate what we have and help other people.

Our national flag is a source of pride and inspiration for Americans, especially on National Flag Day and other national holidays. It encourages many of us to participate in our communities and give back to those who need it. If you have such a great opportunity, you can donate needless car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, or even a boat that will help you to grant a wish for a local child in your community.

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