Fearless Job Hunting

December 15, 2016

Some people always show outstanding confidence during interview and are aware of how to answer difficult questions. Besides, they have unique power of getting the prime position long before the company decides to announce it.

The authors of the book Fearless Job Hunting: Powerful Psychological Strategies for Getting the Job You Want believe that such people have become masters of job hunting not only by showing their best sides but also by having psychological secrets of getting through the difficult process of job hunting.

According to the research in the book, Russell Grieger and Bill Knaus have outlined eight key characteristics that help such job hunters remain so flexible and climb the career ladder.

Trait #1: To Have a Positive Outlook on Life

It doesn’t take much time to become upset and depressed after failing to get a job of your dream, especially when you tell yourself that you are a total failure and you have no chances to succeed. Russell Grieger explains that it happens when job hunters focus too much on their career. However, there are options helping to reduce negativity and achieve success without the fear to fail.

First, you need to answer two questions to make sure that what you’re doing is relevant and whether your actions can bring you to your aim. The hint is that the answer should be negative to both questions.

The next step is to accept the problem and realize that you can solve it no matter what. Remember about the things you’ve already accomplished and believe that you have everything to move up the career ladder. Remember that if you can’t achieve your goal at once for some reason, it doesn’t meant that you’re a failure. If the company didn’t want to listen to you, choose another one that will appreciate your skills and experience.

Finally, write down your best traits not only as a professional but also as a person and read them several times. This is the best way to gain confidence and get motivated during job hunting.

Trait #2: Know How to Identify Disadvantages

Putting off the job hunting process is a typical example of stress faced when searching for a job of your dream. As soon as you are capable of confronting your problems, you’ll find your own fearless job hunting style.

If you still struggle to become a fearless job hunter, consider possible reasons for your current position and then move towards your goal no matter what’s stopping you. For example, if you feel nervous that you don’t have an impressive resume, ask someone to criticize it. As well as that, if you feel the lack of confidence during the interview, have some practice with your relative or friend and record the full session to see your mistakes.


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