American Carl Garner Federal Lands Cleanup Day

September 9, 2017

In the United States, people usually celebrate Carl Garner Federal Lands Cleanup Day on Saturday that follows Labor Day. This holiday encourages people to become a part of the environmental campaign, particularly, cleaning recreation areas and reducing litter on federal lands, near waterways, and outskirts of their communities.

The main idea of the holiday is to bring many people together and make them cooperate in promoting the eco-friendly lifestyle. Cleaning up the federal areas allows them to learn more about the uniqueness of their community and develop the sense of ownership as well as responsibility for its future. 

Public life

Each year people get involved in various thematic ceremonies, programs, and activities. However, a federal land manager may change the day for conducting various activities and pick any other than the traditional first Saturday. Apart from citizens, many local authorities, as well as volunteers, are engaged in the organization of this day.

Although Carl Garner Federal Lands Cleanup Day is not proclaimed to be a federal holiday, many people are allowed to leave their work earlier if they take an active part in holiday events. Local cafes or small food-stalls are working on this day to provide volunteers with meals and drinks during the whole day.

In previous years, this holiday engaged many communities into organizing different activities to reduce litter on the street and clean nearby areas. For instance, hundreds of volunteers and local businesses were involved in organizing the community activities by Little Red River Cleanup and Greers Ferry Lake campaigns.


About thirty years ago, an ordinary citizen Carl Garner encouraged many people to clean the areas of   Greers Ferry Lake neighborhood. Later, the local government decided to make this day a state holiday and gave it a name after the activist.

Nowadays, many people enjoy helping the community and spending time together beautifying their lands.

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