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Finding A New Job Without Your Employer Finding Out

November 27, 2017

Sometimes, you understand that your current job is actually not for you. You decide that your want to find a new one but don't want to leave your present workplace until you do it (to be on the safe side). For that, you have to know the art of confidential job search. Read this article to learn the way to look for a new job without letting your boss notice it!

Looking for a Job Confidentially: Basic Tips

  • When Searching, Never Use Your Work Computer, E-mail, or Phone

Some companies are regularly checking their work computers and phones to see if they are used only for work-related purposes. If they check your computer and see that you often visit job-searching websites, they certainly won't like it. And even if you are unsure that they actually do these checks, better assume that they do to keep yourself safe from your boss' wrath. Use your home computer, personal e-mail and phone in the job searching process.

  • Do Not Use Social Media in Your Search

Most likely, you have your colleagues and your boss on your friend list, which will let them see your profile activities. And even in case you don't, keep in mind that some companies check their employees' social media accounts for job searching activities. Therefore, don't make any posts or reposts related to your endeavors to find a new job. If you want to use your social media account, use only private messaging.

  • Don’t Let Your Search Mess Up Your Current Job

Keep the balance. Yes, you want a new job, but it doesn't mean that you have to become crappy in your current one. Don't allow your job searching process to interfere with your responsibilities. Search for a new workplace before or after work, but never do it during the work day. Even if you need to go for an interview, better arrange it for a time when you're off work. Don't hesitate to ask the company to consider your schedule. If they're actually interested in your candidacy, they will meet you halfway.

  • Think about Getting Assistance from a Staffing Company

Staffing companies aim to assist professionals in their job search process. If you ask them to help you, they will perform the searching activities for you and give you the results. It means that you can save your time and avoid messing up with your current job. Moreover, since these companies work confidentially, they won't let your name go public or give out any of the information to your boss.

Applying these recommendations, you can find a new job and leave your current workplace on good terms.  

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