Slowing Down 6 Ways to Find Balance in a Fast-Paced World

Finding the Balance in the Fast-Paced World

April 19, 2018

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the ways how to find balance in our fast-paced life? Are you living your life too fast? Haven't you ever thought about that?

In our high-speed world, we might even not notice how desperately we are chasing everything that seems to be very important. Our personal life and work tend to become a mix of endless activity. Just look at the speed of information steaming in our lives: it is growing faster than ever in human history. The pace of life is speeding up enormously every year mainly through advances in technology.

According to Ayurveda, this excessive, crazy, and harried activity is the sign of a disbalance in Vata Dosha or the principle of movement that controls every single thing in nature from our individual mind-body system to distant galaxies.

Vata Disbalance

As soon as you take a look at some of the key factors of Vata Disbalance, you'll see at once how strongly they are woven into our modern life:

  • Inability to relax
  • Anxiety, worry
  • Lack of patience
  • Overactive mind
  • Fatigue
  • Short attention span
  • Impulsiveness
  • Restlessness
  • Loss of mental focus

You might have not realized yet the level of this disastrous and extremely damaging influence the modern life has on us. Aren't you already sick of a mad race from one thing to another, routinely jumping from meeting to meeting, again and again, trying to make all things done as quickly as possible? Sadly, but people tend to fill up every minute with as much as possible to be more productive than yesterday.

Of course, this high-Vata lifestyle might seem to be the symbol of high performance and productivity, but at the same time, it can often affect your happiness, quality of life, and mind-body balance. The ways a fast-paced lifestyle can cause devastating harm to our well-being.

The Stress Response Is Activated

Every time you are in a rush, you are stressed. Rushed state puts you in a chronic stress and makes you experience a large number of physiological symptoms that are bad for your body and mind.

The Quality of Your Attention Gets Worse

Have you ever wondered that you are literally left no time to observe the world around you when you are always in a hurry? Somehow doing becomes more significant than being. In your rush of activity, don't forget to enjoy the moments, just stop for a while and take a look around, it's only now that matters.

One thing that is influenced by the rush is the quality of your attention which as a rule suffers a lot. You are likely to forget key details, and it's hard for you to concentrate. Keep in mind, the more you hurry, the worse your life quality is.

Tips for Finding the Balance

Finding the balance isn't the easiest thing for sure but once you've understood how fast-paced your lifestyle gets, you make the first step in slowing down. Here are some tips for finding the balance you never even dreamed about before:

  1. You Should Admit that Rushing Is a Habitual Mindset

The earlier you realize that the speed that needs to be changed, the better it will be. Don't let to be caught in the hamster wheel. Rushing is a total disaster to your happiness, fulfillment, and well-being. Break your addiction to speed that's the first thing to start with.

  1. You Should Have a Strong Intention Slow Things Down

It has to be a strict decision which you should make consciously. Just to say, "Okay, I need to slow things down," won't be enough. It has to be a strict decision which you should make consciously. No change can occur until you make this first step. It should be an action, not just your words, remember.

  1. You Should to Work on a Healthy Relationship with Time

Who says that the clock is our enemy? It's only your perception on which your experience of time lies. Buffer time between activities should be created; reconsider your schedule, maybe you need to get up earlier or eliminate something from it.

  1. Learn to Say NO Each Time You Can Do Less

Let's be honest: how often do you take on too much? It seems like always, doesn't it? The skill to know when to say NO in order to maintain a healthy balance in the daily activities is precious. It no way means you are lazy-bones. Nobody says that! How dare anyone to do this? Stop feeling guilty if you do less. You aren't a robot or that rabbit from the Duracell advertisement, or are you? Try to reveal yourself an art of Least Effort, because that rabbit does need a recharge when its battery is off. The same happens to you.

  1. Master an Art of Meditation

While mediation you step in the field of the timeless. Meditation is meant to take our awareness in a state of equilibrium and balance. When you regularly meditate, you start experiencing that unbelievable stillness. Make your meditation regular and watch how your true nature as a human being, not a human doer reflects.

  1. Break the Pattern

As soon as you see that you stuck up in the turbulence of rushing, just close your eyes, pause, and calm down taking some slow breaths. Imagine that the whole world around stops its existence right this moment at least for a few minutes, guide your attention in your body, forget about the others. Whatever is surrounding you right now doesn't matter, you, your inner world, and peace – that's what really matters.

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