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3 Things to Focus on before a Job Interview

October 2, 2017

Job interviews are a necessary evil. Yes, they may be stressful, but the interviewee receives a unique opportunity to prove his/her uniqueness to the recruiters in person instead of relying on his/her CV. But how should one approach the interviews so that they become moments of triumph instead of failure? The answer is simple – just focus on the three essential factors presented in this article!


Preparation may seem obvious, but the trick is to do it correctly. Not sleeping well and running oneself into frenzy with imagined scenarios have never helped anybody. Why not consult this list of productive things you may do:

  • Prepare a concrete example of when you’ve had to use a skill or ability mentioned in your resume. For bonus points, try to follow the techniques widely known as STAR. Describe the situation, specify the task, explain what action you decided on and what happened as a result.
  • Rehearse possible answers to the most popular interview questions. Prepare a brief speech about yourself and your experience, so that you won’t forget something essential when the time comes.
  • Thoroughly research your potential employer. Some questions are specifically targeted to find out how interested you are in the job. There’s no better way to show you are serious than to discuss the latest news about the company or its history.


No preparation can help if you feel tongue tied when you face a stranger. This is why practicing is important.

  • Talk to yourself in the mirror. This may sound a bit insane, but you’ll be able to see the way you look when you present your pitch and answer questions, so there’ll be fewer reasons to feel self-conscious later on. Alternatively, you can try recording yourself using your phone.
  • Practice with someone you know. Provide them with a list of common questions you may be asked and do a bit of roleplaying. If it’s a person whose opinion you value, ask him/her for feedback. If not, simply talking is invaluable too.


After all the preliminary steps have been taken care of, it is your time to shine! Good and well-thought-out answers will definitely work in your favor, but there are several other things to pay attention to.

  • Behave in a friendly, jovial way. It is especially important to seem warm during the initial introduction process. After all, the first and last impressions are the most important.
  • Maintain an eye contact. If that is something you struggle with, look at the interviewer’s nose. He/she won’t be able to tell the difference and that may relax you.
  • Listen attentively! There’s nothing worse than asking the recruiters to repeat themselves or giving irrelevant information. However, of you are not sure you’ve understood the question, don’t be afraid to ask for s clarification.

Follow these simple steps and try to stay as calm as possible, and you will get the job of your dreams in no time whatsoever.

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