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Habits of Powerful Women (Part 2)

June 12, 2017

Preparing for big meetings


“I love to listen to rap, trap or hyphy music before negotiations. These chants and beats give great motivation for me. Also, my mother usually sends me a part of the scripture via a text message between 6 and 7 a.m., to inspire me.”


“I make use of index cards. I usually compile a heap of index cards for a certain speech and staple them together. Then I type them up. The following process of preparation is crucial for me.”

Squeezing in exercise

Founder of the Cook Law Group, Candice S. Cook, 37:

“I try to exercise during the day. I usually have lunch at my desk so that I can have the opportunity to leave earlier and do a workout. In case I can’t be on time on my Pilates class, I just walk 10,000 steps.”


“I have my way of combining stress-relief and exercise. If I feel stressed, I make a sprint across my neighborhood. I keep switching walking and sprinting – I walk a block, sprint a block, walk a block, sprint a block and so on.”


“I was a volleyball player in college, so it was simple for me to develop a workout routine. I know what exercises I need to shape my body. I run, bike, do yoga and I’m a member ClassPass, so I have access to a lot of fitness studios.”

Getting inspired


“I follow the latest trends to keep my mind fresh. There were cases when it gave a push to some excellent new ideas.” 


“One of my greatest achievements in terms of my career was making the agreement to bring connectivity to a minority population in San Jose, California. You can’t imagine how inspired I was when the following  project was successfully completed. There’s nothing that motivates me more than the results of my work, especially when I can influence the lives of others in a meaningful way.”

Staying focused


I complete each assignment in small chunks. I set up a timer for 15 minutes and give the outmost focus on what I am doing. When 15 minutes are gone, I take a break. I also have 2 to-do lists – one is personal and one is for business.”


“I utilize an approach called Eat the Frog First. You can probably understand by its name what it is about – you should do the thing that you don’t want to do first. This way you will get a boulder out of your way first and then proceed to the things that you really like. If there’s a huge task that I know I need to get done right now, I’ll work hard to complete it or at least make it look less fearful by starting working on it.”

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