Habits That Get in the Way of Success

May 4, 2017

It’s natural to slip up in incessant struggles aimed at becoming more productive, compassionate, positive, loving, effective, approachable, etc. However, when these slip-ups stop being an exception and turn into the rule, it becomes a clear sign that the person should change his or her life immediately; otherwise, the dream life that they have envisioned for themselves, including career, travel and personal life, can only remain a distant echo of unfulfilled reality that rarely casts beams of light piercing the dark ocean of bitter disappointment. Business Insider magazine has recently created a list of the most damaging behaviors of ineffective people, and we have selected the three of them which we consider the most poisoning. If you have these, get rid of them as fast as you can. If you don’t have these behaviors, never open the doors of your mind to welcome them.

Unsuccessful people never finish anything 

Do you know why American culture is often called a pop-corn culture? Because we want the results as fast as we want pop-corn from the microwave oven! But such goals as becoming more positive, starting your business or getting your body fit (especially if you’re overweight) aren’t pop-corn goals. These are the goals that require real determination, dedication, and emotional resilience. That’s surely something that our culture isn’t suited to. But it is what it is. Constant inability to complete one’s goals because of discomfort, fear or frustration is what makes people losers. There will never be a better opportunity than you have now. NOW is all you have, so use it, don’t lose it.

Unsuccessful people can't handle criticism 

Being able to perceive criticism in a calm manner is not an easy thing to do. If you’re not Lord Buddha, you have to struggle for some time to master it, but it turns out that this feat is rewarding. In most cases, criticism gives you the ability to become better at something, because people point out your weakness which you have missed for some reason. Progress and criticism are inseparable, because you can’t improve something if you don’t know that it’s flawed. There are two crucial things in accepting criticism: separate criticism from a sense of self and be able to distinguish constructive criticism from jealousy or plain negative attitude.

Unsuccessful people underestimate themselves.

Business Insider magazine uses a quote of  Dr. Leon Seltzer, who says that inability to believe in oneself is usually grounded in destructive belief, which makes you think that the success you had in the past was just a good luck and it doesn’t reflect your abilities. It means that people who underestimate themselves don’t value their past achievements. You should value your achievements and avoid such negative mental constructions. 

As you can see, all of these damaging behaviors have one common thing – the tendency of being one’s own enemy. Become your best friend and open your mind to the new way of life free of any destructive mental programming.


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