Hostess Job Description

November 9, 2018

Who Is a hostess and What Is a Hostess Job?

When you read a hostess job description, you will realize that you have seen many hostesses in your life (of course if you have ever stayed in hotels or visited restaurants). A hostess is the first person who meets you at any food organization and leads you to your table.
Nowadays, a hostess position is very important, as in order to remain competitive restaurants and hotels have to improve the quality of their services. A hostess helps the institutions to reach their aim.
If you are not comfortable with entering a crowded restaurant and looking for a free place to seat, the help of a hostess will be exactly what you need.
Besides, among other hostess job duties they have a very important task of making the first impression about the organization you are visiting. This quality makes hostesses in food industry very important.
Depending on the hostess job description of a specific organization, they may be given a specific uniform or allowed to dress to their liking. However, regardless of it, a hostess needs to look presentable not to create a feeling of disgust among guests.
It should be noted that the work of a hostess is very emotional. Regardless of the mood, hostess has to look friendly and exited to make the guests of a restaurant/hotel feel comfortable. As a result, people who are not sociable enough may fail to perform their duties well while taking this position. This is the thing that has to be considered before applying for a hostess position. In addition to being friendly, a hostess must be aware of proper rules of etiquette.
Hostess job responsibilities also include taking care of the host area by keeping it clean and making sure that everything is at its place. It is not only enough for a hostess to take a client to his/her place but to make sure that the place itself will satisfy the customer.
Depending on the hostess job description, a hostess may also be given a task in an organization to monitor the work of servers. It means checking how they perform their duties or how many tables they serve at a time, etc.
Sometimes, a hostess may also be expected to help keep the tables clean and tidy so that the customers could feel relaxed and enjoy the atmosphere instead of arguing about the quality of services delivered.
The work of a hostess with clients is not limited to simply showing them their tables. From the very moment when the customer enters an organization, he must feel welcomed and this is the task of a hostess to ensure that the customer feels exactly this way. However, a hostess should not only give orders like: go straight, turn left, take a sit! A person holding this position should possess effective communication skills to sound friendly, gentle and be able to behave as if he/she has known the customer for ages.
A hostess has many responsibilities and is aware of everything that happens in the organization. For example, if you work in a restaurant, you need to know what happens in the kitchen to be able to give proper information to the clients, if something goes wrong with their orders.

Requirements for a Hostess Position

The following skills are necessary to obtain a position of a hostess:

  • Attentiveness;
  • Degree in a hotel management;
  • Organizational skills;
  • Advanced communication skills;
  • Conflict-resolving skills;
  • Ability to be a team-player;
  • Flexibility;
  • Ability to perform many tasks at the same time;
  • Stress-resistance;
  • Advanced management skills;
  • Work experience in welcomed;
  • Computer skills (especially for work in big organization);
  • Knowledge of foreign languages is welcomed.
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