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How did Father’s Day Start?

June 18, 2017

This Sunday is rather special for a great number of families that live in different corners of the world. On this day, fathers and their children have an opportunity to show how they love each other. As a matter of fact, kids present gifts and fascinating cards to their beloved fathers. Others would like simply to have a meal together in a pleasant atmosphere.

Although it is believed by many people to be a commercial occasion, its origin dates back to the certain historic events. 

When is it observed?

This year we celebrate Father’s Day on Sunday, 18 June.

Do all people observe it on the same day?

Frankly speaking, no. The UK, the USA, and many other countries of our Planet consider the third Sunday of June as the Father’s Day. Nevertheless, this is not the only day when children show their respect for the fathers. In Italy, for example, this holiday is celebrated on the 18th of March. Ukraine observes Father’s Day on the third Sunday of September.

Who established this holiday?

It is believed to be an American tradition. Nevertheless, there are two widely-spread tales that explain the historical background of Father’s Day.

According to the first story, it was introduced thanks to one orphan. This woman, whose name was Grace Golden Clayton, decided to lobby local Methodist ministers for a service in the church to revere fathers from 1908. People think that she received her inspiration after the Monongah mining disaster that took place in 1907. Because of this dreadful accident, 362 men were killed. Consequently, 250 women were left without their husbands. Probably, Mrs. Clayton had a desire to pay tribute to those fathers who died. Her own father was one of them.

What about the other story?

One girl, who was the daughter of a veteran that fought in the civil war, Sonora Smart Dodd decided to venerate her father due to the fact that he single-handedly brought up 6 children. Her mother died during giving birth to her sixth child.

Ms. Dodd heard a sermon that was devoted to Mother’s Day and after that she was persuaded that there is need to observe the Father’s Day too. She also campaigned to Methodists and asked for a special service devoted to fathers.

In 1910, it was the first time when Father’s Day was celebrated by Ms. Dodd in Spokane, Washington. However, there were not so many people who believed that this holiday is worth celebrating. Some considered it as a cunning commercial plan.

Does law enshrine it?

Yes, US Congress approved that from 1913 the third Sunday in June is Father’s Day. Sometime later, President Calvin Coolidge suggested observing this day on a national level. However, he didn’t pass any orders that would enforce this. In fact, only in 1966, President Lyndon Johnson passed such an order and in 1972, it was eventually signed by President Richard Nixon.

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