How do People around the World Celebrate Mother’s Day

May 14, 2017

Mother's Day is a special day that has been celebrated for many years in more than 40 countries. Traditionally, people celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May. However, the exact date varies in some countries. Regardless of the date, the spirit of celebrating Mother’s Day is the same everywhere. Mothers around the world are showered with care, love, respect and gifts from their grateful children. It is the time to thank your mother for giving birth to you, providing upbringing and care, and her extreme devotion towards you. How is Mother’s Day celebrated worldwide?

Here is a glimpse of different ways of celebrating Mother’s Day in different corners of the world. 

Mother’s Day in the UK. 

Mother’s Day in the UK is better known as Mothering Sunday, since it used to be a day for family reunions. The origins of this holidays date back to the time when children and servants were allowed to take a day off in order to see their families. Since then, Mothering Sunday is the time to thank mothers for all their love. As a sign of appreciation, they get flowers, cards, chocolates, and other gifts. 

Mother’s Day in the USA. 

Due to the efforts and a strong desire of Anna M. Jarvis, Mother's Day has gained its popularity among the US citizens. When Anna’s mother passed away, she made her best to make Mother’s Day a national holiday. She even got support from the most influential people of that time, such as Theodore Roosevelt, William Taft, and John Wannamaker. Anna believed that there should be a special day for mothers, since they all truly deserved it. She also thought that Mother’s Day would help strengthen families. Thanks to her, Mother’s Day had been celebrated in every state by 1911. 

Mother’s Day in India.

The Indians do not stand apart from the West. They also have Mother’s Day that lasts for a few days during the festival called Durga Puja. On Mother’s Day, the Hindu send cards to their mothers, invite them for meals so that they can have rest from the kitchen, etc. 

Mother’s Day in Canada. 

Canadian Mother’s Day is one of the most popular holidays after Christmas and Valentine’s Day. It is the occasion to thank your mother for her enduring love, support and guidance. Cards and flowers have already become the lasting tradition to express appreciation and love on this occasion.

Mother’s Day in Mexico. 

Mother’s Day is a hugely popular holiday that is typically celebrated with special events sponsored by churches and schools throughout the country. Traditionally, sons and daughters come to their mothers on the Mother's Day eve in order to have family dinner together. 

Mother’s Day is probably the most heart-warming day that should be definitely celebrated every year. Do not forget to be grateful to your mothers not only on this day but every day. 

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