How Social Media Accounts Affect Your Career Prospects

August 23, 2017

In the contemporary world embodied by the Information Age, social networks are not only for fun. Your Internet accounts reflect your personality, unravel your secrets, and craft your image. Hence, you should be very careful about what you post on your profiles when searching for a job or trying to switch careers. You must realize that it’s easy for your potential employers to find your social media accounts and look through your interests, creative possibilities, or the lack of them. It can happen that even your impeccable cover letter won’t save you from a fail and won’t lead to job interview invitation because of some vulgar or silly content on your Facebook or Twitter profile. Consider that a first impression begins in the virtual reality, and if you want to receive a decent job, you should adorn these small individual realms of World Wide Web with smart representations of your ego.

These hints will teach you how to create intelligent and compelling social media accounts.

Tailoring An Ingenious Social Media Look

Though recruitment hierarchy still exists, the job search process has become friendlier and easier owing to social media. Nowadays, employers and employees are able to interact transparently and less formally. It is normal when your boss adds you to his/her Facebook friend list, but isn’t it a sly tactic to find out more about his/her workers, to see them “behind the scenes” of the workplace? Yes, indeed. So, how can you make your social network embodiments work for your benefit?

  1. Get rid of provocative photos, images with stupid memes, rude and improper posts, negative opinions of social norms, or any comments containing foul language. .
  2. Make sure your privacy settings are locked down.
  3. If you aim to impress your potential recruiter, then it is advisable to initiate or participate in debates related to the main features of your preferred job. Try to achieve leadership of your opinions. It’s a win-win when your prospective employer discovers that people seek your advice.
  4. Develop meaningful posts or tweets, representing your inventive side and aesthetic interests – tell about your favorite books, art, or music. Presenting your own literary pieces or paintings will also do you a favor. You can also write something interesting on the pages of the company you strive to work for (but in this case, your posts should be related to a particular professional field).
  5. Though video blogging is popular these days, not many people make intellectual videos, which show professional skills and creative potential. If you record such a video, it will automatically become your highlight, making you noticeable amongst other candidatures.
  6. If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, you need to create it and make it as comprehensive as possible. This networking tool helps to find perfect business partners. However, at first, you need to establish professional connections and present a range of good recommendations.

Hurry up to improve the content of your social media profiles because a potential employer may be viewing your free-swinging photos from the last night’s party right now!

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