How Superstar Athletes Get Their Gold Medals?

August 28, 2017

The world-known athletes always keep in mind one important thing when they are at the moment of their competition, which is the visualization of their victory. This will help you even when it comes to a job search. Consider that positive thoughts will help you to reach the success. No “what ifs.” Don’t worry about the result; just be sure you will get it anyway. Here are three effective pieces of advice, which will help you to succeed in your job search:

Define Your Goal and Decide What Steps Will Lead You There

A top sprinter never worries about the outcome of the race he/she is participating in. Instead, he/she is actually doing particular steps to win it. You should do the same to get a job. Don’t worry about the result, just define what steps will get you there. You have to work backwards from your goal to make your next step logical enough. For instance, your job offer is a result of an interview, your resume, and your yourself. You should always analyze each step and profitably move to a successful result.

Transform Your Weaknesses into Advantages

After Kobe Bryant had missed a game-winning shot, he stayed longer and worked on that shot. Michael Phelps changed the whole training process after having lost a race by less than 1 second. All people have their weaknesses, but only the best ones can turn them into their advantages. If you have a problem in certain spheres, find the information about it, and master it. When you know about your weaknesses, which may prevent you from getting a job, do your best to eliminate them, which is very crucial. Consider that without any actions, all your hopes are senseless, especially when you understand your weak sides. Work on them hard and turn them into your strengths.

Whenever You Fall, Stand Up and Move On

Dan Jansen once put as his goal to get a gold medal. He failed in 1988, and then he failed again in 1992 and 1994. Finally, he won a gold medal in the last race in his career. Sure, it may have taken him longer than he expected, but his ability to move on after his fail made him a winner. The same can happen with a job search. It’s not always successful, of course, and if you cannot get a job now, it doesn’t mean that it’s over for you. The outcome should never be changed in your head; stay positive and move forward, regardless of whatever happens to you. 

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