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How to Be Happy at Work

October 18, 2017

Modern people are looking for more flexible and creative work environments, trying to get rid of the annoying nine-to-five scenario and cluttered office spaces. Recent graduates prefer campus-like environments, where you can find fascinating outdoor nooks, cafeterias with yummy food, state-of-the-art libraries, well-equipped gyms, and even revitalizing yoga classes. You must be incredibly fortunate to be employed by the forward-minded companies that offer such idyllic conditions. However, if this sublime environment remains your sweet dream, learn to transform your present workplace into your small convenient realm.

Inspiring Tips

  1. Determine Your Ideal Role

The first thing you should do is to overcome the workplace samsara: stop repeating the same routine daily, but start working towards a particular goal. If you choose the right path to improve your creative potential and accomplish your aspirations, going to work will become more encouraging. A good career plan will help you to determine the main tasks for your self-development.  

  1. Have a Rest

The ability to recharge is crucial for your general well-being. You will never achieve happiness at work if you don’t take a time-out. Your brain will be “thankful” if you concentrate your energy on something pleasant instead of meticulous multitasking. For instance, you can imitate a good Swedish tradition “fika,” a must-have daily coffee break, which turns into almost a sacred leisure during which people communicate, contemplate art, and, of course, drink enjoyable beverages accompanied with delicious pastries. Another good practice is to have a spirit-stirring walk in some beautiful place.

  1. Find a Soulmate at Work

It’s difficult to be friendly with everyone, especially if you’re an introvert with a unique worldview. However, it’s not impossible to find at least one person who would be interested in your charismatic ideas and outlook. When such a companion appears at your workplace, you will automatically become happier. The psychologists state that decent work friendships are able to enhance employees’ productivity and fulfillment.

  1. Instill Meaning into Your Work

If you think your work is absurd, then it will only aggravate your frustration. In order to conquer this occupational desperation, try to estimate the importance of your role. How many projects did you help to accomplish? Do you contribute to your customers’ satisfaction? If you don’t find the consolatory answers, you should quit your job immediately and find another one to make yourself happy and self-actualized. Yes, we have to earn a living, but we don’t have to suffer because of it, and everything we do should hold meaning.

  1. Adorn Your Space

You may not believe it, but an unappealing office environment may greatly hamper your work progress. Progressive ideas won’t flow into the mind that observes only dull colors and patterns all over the place. If you transform your work space with bright colors, modern eco-design, natural light, and even lovely photos, you will suddenly feel happier and more prolific.

Though occasionally some awkward melancholy or private problems may affect your mood, it is amazing to open your office door and spontaneously smile because your work environment is so comfortable and inspiring.

Since work is the indispensable part of our lives, it should be something we cherish and love.

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