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How to Ensure a Great Job after Graduation

December 25, 2017

It doesn’t matter if you’re a freshman or you have months left before graduation – doing these four specific things will add sharpness to your vision of the future and dramatically increase the chances of obtaining a good job after graduation. 

Get Specific ASAP 

The abbreviation ASAP means as soon as possible. The more specific you are about what you want to become, the greater the chances are that you will become it. The universe doesn’t understand vague language. You should have a clear picture in your mind. Many people go to college not knowing of what they are eager to take. That’s totally fine as long as you keep thinking about it and keep seeking keys to unlock your true desires. College is a great time to discover yourself, and it may take a couple of years before you see your way. Nevertheless, the sooner you see that way, the better, because you can utilize all the opportunities that the student life entails. Once you see the goal, achieve maximum certainty of how you’re going to achieve it and strive fearlessly! 

Break Your Big Goal into Several Smaller Ones 

Do you know what the problem with a big goals are? They seem too big to achieve them. However, if you divide your goals into smaller tasks, it becomes much easier to achieve what you plan. For instance, you may set a task to reach at least 12 graduates every year to learn more about their experiences. This will help you to better understand the reality behind the college walls and narrow down the list of jobs and organizations that you target. After having completed the list, you can start research the LinkedIn network, to see if your professors are connected to the people who work in your target companies. Then take classes with these professors so that they can memorize you and give a great reference when necessary.

Don’t Miss Work That Will Be Relevant to Your Resume

Internships are a great way to get relevant experiences; therefore, they shouldn’t be skipped. A lot of companies provide training opportunities only for students, so while you are a student it would be wise to go through trainings that will be good to mention in your resume. An internship per year will help you to build a striking resume. Another cool thing about internships is that they may eventually lead to getting a part time job or a full time job after graduation. You never can tell! 

Make Sure to Get High Grades and Take Relevant Classes

In order for your plans to come true, you have to take the right effort in the present moment. For a conscious student, these actions include taking relevant classes and getting good grades. Although GPA is not the main thing that employers will look at, certainly having a good GPA will only increase your chances of getting hired, especially taking into account that you graduated from your college a few months ago. 

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