How to Get an Interview at Facebook: Tips for Successful Interview

September 14, 2018

Facebook has occupied the top position in the list of the most desirable workplaces. As a result, more and more people get interested in how to get an interview at Facebook. It is perfectly understandable that you are interested in working for such a tech-giant, but at the same time you should realize the seriousness of the Facebook hiring process and high competition among the applicants. In other words, for many candidates lacking sufficient skills and knowledge, getting employed on Facebook is virtually an impossible thing. Nonetheless, such a prognosis is not the reason to get into despair – you can work hard on improving your skills and building up knowledge in order to get some chances to be employed in the future. Besides, you just need to make sure you get the right information and prepare well how to get an interview.

Facebook Recruiting Strategies

Facebook recruitment process varies depending on the team you would like to join. Nonetheless, Facebook recruits potential employees via multiple channels also including job fairs at colleges and universities, TED talks, careers’ sites, and different conferences.
First of all, people undergo telephone screeners for the company recruiters understand whether you are a suitable candidate for the job vacancy. This checking procedure also ensures that you are a real candidate. In case you have passed this “face control,” you will then be suggested to go through a number of Facebook interviews before you are hired. Particularly, some of the most significant spheres of interest are your technical skills, experience, and practical skills.
After you go through the Facebook interview process, you will meet your future team. From this point on, the employees who will probably cooperate with you directly will conduct other interviews with you.
As you reach this part of the long interview process, you may even wonder how you could be so unconfident about yourself always asking how to get an interview on Facebook. If you are serious about getting a job at Facebook, you will be taken to the campus and to the office territories to go through a few more interviews with some of your probably team members. The interview process on campus will grant you an opportunity to delve into the corporate culture and connect with the work atmosphere at the company. Here you might be asked why work at Facebook is important and desirable for you. This last interview stage will be decisive both for you and your team. Thus, you will know how to get hired at Facebook.

How to Get a Job at Facebook

When applying for a position at Facebook, make sure to expect even the most surprising and impressive things. First of all, be ready that the hiring process will differ from that of ordinary companies. Second, your hiring and interviewing process will depend on your experience, education, and training. Apart from that, when applying, remember that Facebook asks candidates just to apply and then learn about the company’s core values. If you have applied and are lucky enough to be at the interview now, make sure you not only talk about your success and achievements but also how your skills and abilities will benefit the company.

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