How to ‘Perform’ in a Role Play Interview

June 7, 2017

More and more employers are starting to utilize role play interviews for their recruiting process. Find out how you can be prepared for it by reading the top 3 tips below.

Study the company, the role and the job description 

Interview tips for the role play interview start with the most obvious thing. Obvious, yet very underrated. A graduate from the University of Leeds, Lora had a scenario for a recruitment company. Lora was required to approach and persuade the potential client and win his business by responding effectively to his objections.  The understanding of her role gave her the necessary clues to prepare for the interview. It also made her understand what qualities, skills and abilities the employer was looking for.

You can also predict your role. For instance if you’re going for a sales or marketing position, you should be ready that your role will include persuading the client to buy something, probably the products of the company that you’re going to work for.  If your prospective job requires face-to-face communication with customers, be prepared to play the role of a specialist who deals with a difficult customer or is supposed to provide the excellent customer support.

Understand the task and dive into your role 

Once, I needed to play a role of the person who should work with autistic children. The employer was playing the role of a 5-year-old girl who was throwing the toys around, while I had to keep her focus on the educational materials. You can’t imagine what a fun and offbeat experience it was! Imagine a grown-up man acting like a child and throwing toys around the room. I could hardly keep myself from laughing out loud. Although a little smile appeared on my face, I’ve kept my focus and managed to complete the task successfully and in a timely manner. According to the employers, my focus on the objective impressed them and they accepted my candidature with joy. 

Be engaging and professional, but remain true to yourself

Steven was supposed to act out the role of an employee, who works with the long-term unemployed clients. The client turned to be a real challenge for Steven and somehow he got engaged in an argument. As a result, recruiter refused to give Steven that position.This demonstrates the importance of being calm in every situation. It doesn’t mean though that you should compromise your integrity or personality. No way! Just don’t get involved in the drama.  Act professionally, but don’t neglect your interpersonal skills and personality. 

Just like with everything else, practice makes  role play interviews perfect. The last, but not the least – check videos to see some real play interviews in action. Other people’s experience will definitely help you to make a successful interview.

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