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How to Spend Labor Day?

September 4, 2017

Labor Day is a national holiday established and maintained by labor unions with the aim to honor hard work of all the employees and remind each person about the necessity to rest from the tedious working routine. The first Monday of September, which is the date of Labor’s Day celebrations, was selected to provide workers with a three-day vacation and let Americans enjoy last summer days, too. Below, you can find some interesting places to go on Labor Day and make your holidays not only unforgettable but cognitive as well.

Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. is a place number one to visit and discover the history of foundation and development of Labor Day holiday. The city is a motherland of the labor movement, which started in the late 1800s, and has lots of touristic destinations connected with Labor Day. Pop in the National Museum of American History, take a tour at the U. S. Department of Interior Building, or visit the National Symphony Orchestra’s Labor Day Concert to experience the spirit of Labor Day holiday.

New York City

NYC, New York prepares a full-package of entertaining activities for those who are traveling during Labor Day weekend. You are about not only to observe a huge parade devoted to the representation of workers of different industries but will be able to visit the West Indian-American Day Carnival celebrated on this day, too. Make your Labor Day diverse with NYC.

Atlanta, Georgia and Boston

Atlanta, Georgia and Boston, Massachusetts are the best places to spend Labor Day holidays if you enjoy fireworks. Though, apart from fireworks which are displayed every night during Labor Day weekend, you will be amused by music shows and festivals that are an integral part of Labor Day festivities. Atlanta will please you with the Lazershow and book festival, while Boston will make your Labor Day unforgettable with the help of Red Sox Games and the USS Constitution Museum’s events for the whole family.

Seattle, Washington and Miami, Florida

Join Seattle, Washington to celebrate Labor Day with Bumbershoot festival of live music, movies, theater, dance, and etc. Or go to Miami, Florida to party a bit on South Beach Bike week and the White Out Labor Day party on the best beaches of the South coast.

New Orleans, Louisiana

You won’t regret spending Labor Day weekend in New Orleans, Louisiana as well. New Orleans turns into the place of local delicious, parades, and carnivals that let a tourist feel Louisiana’s peculiar style.

Labor Day celebrations are full of fun and diverse activities that are interesting for both independent travelers and family members. Choose the best destination to go to spend a fabulous time on Labor Day vacation.

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