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How Twitter Can Help One Find a Job?

October 25, 2017

In comparison to the last century, the way people search for jobs has dramatically changed. Employment agencies aren't the sole place where you can find a job anymore. The approach of looking for a place of work has broadened its boundaries to the Internet space. This implies that since the development of modern technologies, people have become more equipped with the means to scrutinize various positions, evaluate their chances and get the desired job.

The web doesn’t only provide you with a searching option but is a unique opportunity to share your resume and promote chances to make someone interested in your candidacy through online professional profiles. One of the most popular social media networks where people look for jobs is Twitter – a perfect ground for the information exchange.

How Twitter works?

Being a huge network of micro-blogs, Twitter keeps people aware of any news we share or get to know according to our interests. In a post of 140 characters, you can communicate any message and with the help of hashtags #, which are the keywords of your message, you are able to find the related posts of other people.

So how does Twitter help to find a job?

In reality, Twitter isn’t a website oriented on a job search. However, it’s a breeding ground for instant spreading of the information. Thus, many companies, businesses, enterprises etc. register as Twitter users with the aim to suggest free vacancies and look for members that would perfectly match their company. With the help of the already mentioned hashtags, you can find job offers or, on the contrary, place your own mini-resume with hashtag # in front of the keywords and let employers find you!

How to create a mini-version of your Twitter resume?

  1. First of all, include the title of the position you are interested in. Don’t invent your own positions. Stick to the name of the position used by a certain company. In such a way you’ll make it easier for the employer to find you in the crowd.
  2. Second mini-section should comprise a few skills relevant to the position stated in the first section. Shorten words like “rep” (representative), “mgt” (management), etc. Don’t create your own abbreviation but follow those that are widely and commonly used. Remember about the limit of characters!
  3. The following necessary information concerns your current and future location. Mention whether you are looking for positions in your area or ready to relocate if the job requires.
  4. The pre final step consists of few mini-steps. What you need to do is to insert a link to your full resume. To do this, save your pdf resume online on or or share your LinkedIn profile.
  5. Finally, provide people with instructions of how to get in touch with you if they are interested in cooperation. Make sure your profile is available for all the users as private accounts restrict access for potential hirers.

P.S. In case, you are aimed to apply for a position in a particular company, put “@name of company” at the beginning of your tweet.

P.P.S. Use the ample opportunities of innovative technologies and good luck in your attempts to find and get your dream job!

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